Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Sweater

Photo by jamphong
By Sharon Browder

“Hello, Amy, is that you?”

“Yes, this is Amy.”

“Hi, Sis, how are you?  I know it has been months since we talked, but I thought you would at least recognize my voice!”

“I know Gail. Sorry. I was in the middle of something. Anyway I was afraid you would still be mad at me ripping your favorite sweater.”

“Yeah, I was pretty pissed. You are just never careful about other people’s stuff. And besides you never did say you were sorry. You never do.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about myself and how I’m always letting people down.

“Please, let’s not start the drama routine.”

“Gail, why don’t you come over this afternoon for a glass of wine? You can get your sweater. It’ll be as good as new. Everything will be perfect. Just knock. Door’s open.”

“Fine. Sounds OK with me. I’m free now. I’ll come on over. Give me 20 minutes. Oh. Sis…”


“I love you. Bye.”


Amy went back to her closet, slipped the vintage, red, beaded sweater over her head, stepped onto the footstool, then put the scratchy noose over the collar of her sister’s sweater.

She waited there until she heard the knock at the door, then stepped off the stool. Just in time…

The UPS man didn’t need a signature and left the package by the door.


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