Article Submissions

Photo by Stuart Miles
We seek submissions from Trident Technical College students, faculty, and staff. We publish the following: 
  • Features
  • Campus News
  • Events
  • Club News
  • Opinion
  • Columns
  • College Survival Advice
  • Sports
  • Humor
  • Entertainment
  • Literary (fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction)
Send submissions to Amber Yedinak (, who will forward these to the appropriate student editors.  

Why is it good to publish in the Trident Times? We have a potential audience of over 16,000 students, a larger audience than many town newspapers. Your work will be seen -- and noticed. 

In addition, many of our English and Journalism classes will offer you extra credit for publishing in the Trident Times, so you can help your grades. English instructors will help you improve your writing, so that you can show your talent to the best advantage.  
We also prepare you to write for other publications (paying ones). Once you develop a portfolio of publications at the Trident Times, you can start contacting local newspaper and magazine editors about writing for them. A number of local publications pay freelance writers for their work. Write for us so you can show them what you can do. 



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