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The Trident Times is published by students for the students at Trident Technical College. The Trident Times is published in both electronic and print format, with one print issue a semester and regular updates to this blog. Check back often to see what is new at Trident Tech! You can find archived print editions here.

Managing Faculty Mentor/Editor
Amber Yedinak (melissa.yedinak@tridenttech.edu)
Members of the Student Publications Board:  Lynne Ankersen, Sherri Brown, Dottie Dennis, Richard Dooley, Darren Felty, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Patricia Fox, Rose Jernigan, Dolly Rosenbrook, Thomas Waters, Ann Welty, Roger West and Melissa Yedinak
Contributing Student Editors Fall 1 2014
Lisa Collins Kight
Kim Kovavich
Levena Lindahl
Cherie Muldoon
Gregory Webb
Christopher Williamson
Contributing Student Editors Fall 2012
Lisa Kight:  secretagentdreams@yahoo.com
Chloe West chloexwest@gmail.com
Zaneta Kennedy  zanetakennedy@my.tridenttech.edu

Student Photo Editor Fall 2012
Candice Bizzell: candicebizzell@my.tridenttech.edu

Palmer Campus Voice
Faculty Mentor/Editor: Wendy Barry wendy.barry@tridenttech.edu
Berkeley Campus Voice
Faculty Mentor/Editor: Lorene Coward lorene.coward@tridenttech.edu

The Trident Times is a student publication and does not necessarily reflect the views of Trident Technical College.


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