Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The News of the World for Today

By: Mary Kiser

His blank silhouette outlined assertion and authority as Queen's We Are The Champions shattered in waves across the audience. People begged with their cheers and screams for the Chosen One who denied political correctness and welcomed brutal honesty. And as sound barriers broke, Mr. Donald J. Trump emerged from the darkness and into the artificial light. His toupee glittered and his tan glowed. And even though his smile was forced, his voice resounded through the stadium with reassurance: "We're gonna win so big," and the stadium brimmed with ecstasy. Who could even match this man's fire?

And then his wife, Melania Trump, appeared in a dress so white even angel wings couldn't compare. And We Are The Champions boomed throughout the stadium as she took her husband's place and assessed their kingdom. The queen had arrived.

Her immovable speech consisted of her values, her family, her ironic immigration from Slovenia, and portions of the current First Lady's own words. While Melania voiced her husband's positives, the outcry from the public can't be dissuaded. Her speech, like a high school senior's thesis paper, was plagiarized. And if she's going to be in the White House, she needs to show the United States that she can be more than arm candy. She said, there's "no room for small thinking" if her husband were to become POTUS. She should heed her own advice, and at least hire a new speech writer. Let Meredith McIver leave the castle before it crumbles.



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