Thursday, October 2, 2014


 Written by: Levena Lindahl
 The Prose Edda
Ragnarök is here
Jörmungandr beckons Thor
Goddamnit, Loki! 
The Dark Jewels Trilogy
Hell Fire, Mother
Night, and may the Darkness be
Merciful, Jaenelle! 
The Hobbit
There And Back Again
I tricked an ancient Dragon
A modern epic. 
A Song Of Ice And Fire
Noble men have died
A kingdom torn asunder
Winter is Coming. 
Harry Potter
Arise, Chosen One,
Your destiny lies ahead
Defeat Voldemort. 
The Phantom of The Opera
Music of the Night
His mask hides him from the light
The Phantom is here! 
All knowledge at his
Beck and call, Faustus tries to
Find his forgiveness. 
Dante’s Inferno
He does not know Death
Nine circles he has traveled,
Dante’s search now ends. 
The Reichenbach Fall
His end came too soon
A nation mourned his passing
Gone, not forgotten. 
Sherlock Holmes
Elementary dear
The science of deduction
My good doctor Watson. 
The Portrait of Dorian Grey
Oh corrupt mortal
Until you view your visage
Ever young you’ll stay! 
The Bible
You’re created flawed
You are punished at His whim
Eternal fire. 
Words become visions
Visions take on their own life
Books escape themselves.
Jurassic Park
Warnings go unheard
A butterfly spreads its wings
Nature frees itself. 
His Dark Materials
It permeates us
Dust drifting through the ages
Love gone but not lost. 
The Pit and the Pendulum
In darkness I wait
This torturous existence
Why does it not end?
We evolved onwards
Humans are unaccepting
Arise, fellow hara! 


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