Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Luxuries of Public Restrooms

by Chloe West                                                                                                                                Opinion
      I hear so many complaints from peers about using public restrooms, and I just can't for the life of me fathom why. All of these made-up disorders, such as shy bladder, make no sense. And why would someone rather "hold it 'til they get home" than just go in a public restroom?
     I, for one, jump at every opportunity I have to use any restroom other than my own. Public restrooms are so luxurious. Who cares if five hundred other random butts have sat on that toilet seat, you can use as much toilet paper as you'd like to wipe it off! Then you just sit and enjoy the writing all over the walls whilst you go about your business. And when you're done, again, use as much toilet paper as you want to wipe yourself. And then some. Just because you can!

    Sure, using my own toilet at home is much more comforting. I can take my time and make as many noises as I'd like without fearing that some random stranger I'll never see again might hear me. Because those random strangers never understand that yes, people do actually use the restroom in public restrooms, and peeing/pooping noises are absolutely forbidden.

     But have you seen how much toilet paper costs? It is over $1 per roll, just for something you ball up, soil, and flush. I allow myself to use four squares of toilet paper to wipe after I pee, but I still get the most depressing feeling having to put up a new toilet paper roll. Having to use toilet paper is almost like literally flushing money down the drain.
     Secondly, in public restrooms, you can flush as many times as you want without having to worry about the cost of water. This is only necessary, though, because for some reason public toilets never want to flush everything down the first, second, or third time.
     After you are done, go right ahead and wash your hands with hot water for five minutes. You'll want to as well because there's no telling who's used those restrooms. Dry your hands off with as many paper towels as you need in order for your hands to be completely dry, and by all means, grab a couple extra to open the bathroom door.
    All of this is for free. Public restrooms are so accommodating that I couldn't even begin to imagine why someone would want to "hold it" and be uncomfortable.  I also can’t understand why anyone would rather waste money in their own bathroom than take advantage of such a luxury. Get over your fears and embrace the savings.

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  1. Well friends and neighbors here's why I won't ever use a public restroom again if I can help it!! Two weeks ago I went into a restroom here at school to attend to nature's call. While waiting on a stall some rude, thoughtless, low life no class individual SNEEZED on the back of my neck! Thankfully the stall became available as my eyeballs were floating and I escaped this vile individual immediately. That evening I started getting sick, and for the past two weeks I have had the WORST chest cold of my life thanks to the rude person who didn't cover their mouth when they sneezed! I have been so sick its made me furious! I'd rather wait till I can get home or go in the woods if matters get that tough as oppposed to ever being exposed to the luxuries of a public restroom ever again. I don't ever want to get as sick again as I've been thanks to some stupid person!