Friday, June 26, 2015

Heaven and Earth

Series: 1
by Jennifer Harris

'Solar flares, Mood swings and Sleepless nights'

I met a friend of mine on campus recently and we started gabbing away about this thing and that thing, when suddenly we're on the topic of sleepless nights and feeling irritable. "Girl," my friend says, "I've tried everything, even some wine, and I'm still not sleeping well". That's strange I'm thinking, 'cause except for the wine, the same thing's happening to me!

So, I got curious.

Understandably, everything on the Earth and in the air and in the water is coming from further up. I found out that over the past few weeks the sun has been experiencing little eruptions, like pools of built up high energy particles, with gases popping. Solar flares. But why would a Solar flare billions of miles away on the sun be affecting my friend and me here on campus?

Good question.

The sun is everything to the earth; light, fire, energy, revolution, all of these things act as stimuli to our emotions, senses, mind and physical growth. So, it goes to say, that any increase of solar activity will also cause a change in our pattern of activities.

Washington Post, May 6, 2015 headline reads 'Sun ejects intense x-class flare, signaling increase in solar activity'. They reported that it blew a radio and caused it to make an audible 'burst'. Also, all the radios experienced temporary blackouts. So here's how the Carlini Institute explains what we can expect: Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and windstorms. It will affect the Central Nervous system (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), human behavior, all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) responses, nervousness, anxiousness, worrisomeness, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, short term memory, heart palpitations, queasiness, nausea, prolonged head pressure and headaches.


I'm certain that many of us here on campus either have experienced a symptom or are experiencing one right now. Maybe you know other people around you that are being affected. Tell them it's OK. Look up, it's just a Solar flare syndrome.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Campus Vigilante

By Thomas Martin

Armed with over a dozen superhero costumes and a determination to help others, Robert Jenkins suits up to inspire the community and promote generosity. All of Robert’s costumes are homemade.

“I learned how to read through comic books ... So I can take a $10 shirt, add some paint to it, add some creativity, and create the things that I want — and maybe inspire a young kid to do the same thing. I don't like wearing name-brand things because they don't contribute to the community,” explains Jenkins.
Robert Jenkins, 55, of Charleston County poses for a picture in his favorite superhero costume.
A photography student here at Trident Technical College, Robert has earned the nickname “Spidey” amongst his peers. He considers his Spiderman costume his best and most recognizable. Though he is quick to point out that the Batman costume draws more attention from the ladies. His superpowers do not include flying or super strength, just a big heart and a willingness to help those in need.

Robert is an activist that enjoys volunteering. You can find him at the local soup kitchen on Friday nights, ensuring nobody cuts in line, sitting in on city council meetings speaking up for the poor and homeless, or eating at Relish Café on campus smiling and waving to everyone who walks by. Robert Jenkins is a real life superhero, inspiring the community one costume at a time.


Hands On with the Automotive Technology Department

By Levena Lindahl with thanks to Walter Varella

            Walking around Trident’s main campus, I am sure you have gone past the fenced off area at the end of the 800 building.  Full of cars, this area always made me curious.  What was going on? Why were there so many different versions of cars and trucks in various states of repair there? And in the bays attached to the building?  That was my introduction to the automotive technology program at Trident Tech.

            This is a really hands on and unique program at the college.  Most people have a vehicle, but how much can you take care of yourself, outside of perhaps filling the tank or changing a wiper?  This program teaches its participants everything they need to know to go out and work in the diverse automotive industry.  Not only are there two associate degrees with day and night tracks to fit peoples’ lifestyles, there are also multiple certificates that include Automotive Servicing, Engine Repair Specialist, Transmission Repair Specialist, Engine Performance Specialist, as well as a Brakes and Alignment Specialist.

            To find out more about this program, I was able to talk with Mr. Varella, one of the teachers and a head of the program.  While Trident offers many programs, I can see why the Automotive program is so popular, and its due to the people who run it.   Mr. Varella is very easy to approach and talk to, and he clearly cares not only for what he teaches but also the students that he works with, talking enthusiastically and at length about both. 

            When I asked about the program, I found out that the program starts in the fall, and that the students all go through it together, making a sense of community and family very common; they’re cohorts.  These are students that will be working together for the next two and a half years as they learn what really makes cars tick, and I was told that these are friendships that last even after graduation as graduates head into the workforce.  Apparently it isn’t uncommon for former students to be able to call one another for parts or even an extra set of hands! 

            To obtain the associate’s degree in the program requires 84 credit hours, but Mr. Varella raised a very good point as to why he encourages his students to aim for it rather than just certificates.  While the certificates are a wonderful tool to expand on skillsets, he feels that the degree program adds in extra communication and math skills that make students even more desirable in the workforce.  He gave an example of when a person takes their car in to a shop to be worked on and asks to talk to the person working on their car.  He asked if they would feel more confident in a person who looked them in the eye and was able to clearly explain all that is being done or if a person who couldn’t explain clearly was a better choice.  That need to communicate effectively is why English is a part of the degree program, and math is included to allow students to break down costs for clients.

            As far as those cars in the fence went, I was told those are what the students work on to build their skills.  Students, as well as faculty, can also bring in their own cars to be worked on.  Project cars can be brought in, with the understanding that the work process will be done over the course of a semester or even two for more involved processes.  The students also put on a car show every spring on the last Saturday of the month.  The 2015 Spring Spin-off car show is expecting three thousand attendees!  Car enthusiasts of any age are invited to come and enjoy a day surrounded by cars in multiple classes to support scholarships for students in the automotive program.

            For a full write up on everything this degree and these certificates can offer you, please check out this page, and if you have any questions stop in to talk to either Walter “Buzz” Varella at 574-6184 or Clint Snider at 574-6725.

Spring Spin-Off!

By Levena Lindahl

            Are you a fan of cars? Whether it be working on them or appreciating their look and design?  Trident Technical College, along with the Automotive Technology department, have come together to put on their annual Spring Spin-off car show that is perfect for car fans of all ages.  This year the show will be on April 25th between 10am and 3pm. The Spring Spin-off is traditionally the last Saturday in April.  (For those of you planning ahead to next year!)

            The Spin-Off car show is going to have a day full of fun, music, food, and awards for the cars and the people that worked on them.  There is still time to register your car in one of over twenty car classes, and the pre-registration fee is $20. You can even register online here!   All the proceeds from this show are going to be benefitting scholarships for automotive technology students at Trident Tech. 

            This year the event is expecting around 2500 to 3000 attendees, with dozens of cars expected in each category.  Come support your fellow students and enjoy seeing the cars they have been working on! 

Spring Spin-Off Car Show

Saturday, April 25, 2015

10a.m.- 3p.m.

Trident Technical College, Main Campus

7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston

Cars will be in the lots between the 510 and 920 Buildings

Monday, March 23, 2015

Aromatherapy: Helping You De-stress!

By: Levena Lindahl and Megan Lindahl
Do you love how certain scents just help you unwind and feel better?  The use of scent as a therapy tool is called aromatherapy, and the practice has been around for quite a while!  While some essential oils can be expensive, it is possible to find or even make some of your own scents to use to help with issues such as headaches and stress.  Here are some quick tips to taking advantage of aromatherapy!
Lavender is most commonly used as a stress relief and to promote better sleep. It allows the body to relax easier and get a deeper, more restful sleep. The best ways a college student can utilize this is a lavender candle by your bed at night. The best part is, you don't even have to burn it! Every night before bed take the lid off your candle (I recommend a soy candle as the scent will be more natural), and take a few nice deep breaths in. Leave the candle open while you sleep and put the phone away at night to capitalize on a good night's rest! If you are not a candle fan, try a nice lavender scented room spray. Not as effective as the oils in a candle, but will certainly help put your mind at ease instead of worrying about deadlines. The last good method would be to take a hot bubble bath with lavender body wash. Relax for about 20 minutes with 2 cups of Epsom salt to help release tension right before bed.
Next up is mint. Mint is fantastic at relieving headaches, improving focus and mental clarity, and calming stomach aches. Many studies have found that if you chew a minty gum while studying and then that same type of gum when taking tests, you are more likely to remember what you studied. Mint increases circulation which brings more blood to the brain. It also helps calm nerves and a queasy stomach. Mint gum or a mint tea will help cool your stomach and make you feel less likely to throw up when sick or nervous. It also helps wake you up. If you feel groggy during classes, try adding a few mint leaves and a slice of your favorite fruit to your water bottle. Not only will this keep you more alert, your body will thank you for the extra hydration.
The last scent I would like to talk about is orange oil. Citrus smells have a way of waking up the mind and lifting your mood! College is stressful and sometimes you can't help but be a little depressed. Just the smell of lemon or orange peels will uplift your spirits. The best way to utilize this to your advantage?  Buy citrus scented cleaners so that your kitchen and bathrooms always smell clean and clear. Also, add an orange to your breakfast. The vitamins alone are great and the orange itself will spare you from all the sugar found in orange juice.
Aromatherapy is a really interesting concept!  To find out more about other scents, please check out this link here.

Small Space? No Storage? No Problem!

By Levena Lindahl

College is often the first time students find themselves out on their own, with their own space and all the challenges that come with it.  First apartments can be tiny and often hard to figure out how to store things or even to decorate without completely blowing the budget.  With the rise of Pinterest, there are now more ideas and tips than ever, and here are a few that can help with storage and space saving!  There really is no limit to what you can do with your space, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new.

Repurposed Shoe Organizer

          Shoe organizers can and do work great for so many things! You can use it in the laundry room for cleaning supplies, spray paint, tools, under the sink for bathroom supplies, extra hair and body care products, or in the closet for scarves, socks, belts, and shoes. They are perfect for small spaces because they take up unused wall or door space instead of much needed closets and cupboards.  This is a great way to manage small items as well as take care of clutter!  You can usually find these for around $5-$10, making them pretty budget friendly too.


            Shelves are not only great for storage, but the tops can be used as desks, something that is great for people working with a limited amount of space.  Shelves or storage units come in a huge variety of styles and shapes, making it easy to find one that best fits your specific needs.  Do you prefer shelves or cubes, light colors or dark wood?  All of these needs can be met, including the need for a desktop workspace by using the top of a shorter shelf.  Using the top of a low bookshelf works great, saves space and can keep important books and documents right at your fingertips without sacrificing floor space for another piece of furniture. Shelves can sometimes be found at garage sales or flea markets, which can make them both budget and ecofriendly.

Seating Storage

            Ottomans are a great way to not only provide seating, but to also sneak in some extra storage into your space.  The tops can lift off, letting you stash things like game controllers, remotes or things like small blankets.  Arranging ottomans in groups of four can also let them be used as small tables to set larger projects on.  They can also make pretty handy footstools for next to your couch.

PVC Pipe

            Now, PVC pipe might not be the first thing people think of when it comes to storage, but it can be pretty useful!  Plus, it’s a pretty versatile material, easy to work with and easy to make into fun and unique shapes with the use of adhesives or screws, and can be painted to match your décor.  Cut down to 12 inch sections, large diameter PVC can be used for shoe storage or accessory storage.  Thinner sections can hold crafting materials like wrapping paper, keeping it wrinkle and tear free. 

            Storage and small spaces go hand in hand.  It’s important to know that there are solutions for every space, and that sometimes all you need is to look at things a little differently to make your place work for you.


Homemade Treats: Pamper Yourself!

By Levena Lindahl

    Who doesn’t like having a day to just relax and unwind?  However, the cost of those pampering trips can add up pretty quickly.  Here are a few ideas and ways to help you unwind that you can make for yourself, or for friends and family.
DIY Sugar Scrub
What You Need:

  • 2 C Organic Cane Sugar
  • 3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Raw Honey
  • 5-10 drops each of an essential oil you prefer, like Peppermint or Wild Orange Essential Oil
What To Do:

Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix well. It will be a clumpy, grainy consistency. If it is runny, add a little more sugar by the tablespoon until you have the right consistency.

Place in a jar, like small jam sized mason jars. Feel free to decorate these!
 Homemade Bubble Bath

What You Need:

  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1/4 cup Castile Soap
  • 1 ounce Vegetable Glycerin
  • 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil (This is optional, if you want more bubbles you don’t have to add this, it just adds a soothing aspect to your bath)
       Essential Oils (If you want to add a fun aromatherapy quality to your bubble bath)
What To Do:

Mix all ingredients together. You may need to warm up the coconut oil for it to get to its melting point in order for it to blend in properly with the mixture. Run the amount desired under your tub faucet into your bath tub to produce bubbles! This mixture makes a little over half a pint, or about 12 ounces. It can be stored in a pint Mason jar with a reusable plastic storage lid in the bathroom by the tub or under your sink.  Make sure to shake the jar just a bit before using as the coconut oil likes to settle on the top.
 Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils
What You Need:

  • 4 oz glass spray bottle (not plastic!)
  • Water
  • 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel
  • 30 drops total of one of the following essential oil combinations:
  • Lemon, lime, melaleuca, and lavender OR doTERRA’s On Guard blend
      Optional: 8-10 drops of vitamin E oil

What To Do:

1. Fill your glass bottle half-full with water

2. Add aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and essential oils

3. Fill any remaining space in bottle with water and shake well

4. To use: just spray liberally on hands and rub together

5. Repeat as needed
Fizzy Bath Bombs Recipe
What You Need:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • ½ cup arrowroot powder
  • ½ cup organic citric acid
  • 20 drops essential oils (You can use lavender or grapefruit, or whatever scent you find appealing.  Avoid ‘hot’ oils like cinnamon!)
•Witch Hazel in a spray bottle

What To Do:

1. Mix together baking soda, arrowroot powder and citric acid.

2. When well incorporated, add essential oils, mixing thoroughly.

3. Alternate spraying mixture with Witch Hazel and mixing.

4. Continue spraying and mixing until mixture begins to stick together.

5. Spray ice cube trays, muffin cups or candy molds with Witch Hazel. (silicon molds like THIS work best)

6. Pack mixture tightly into molds, pressing down firmly.

7. At this point you can either turn packed bombs out onto a flat surface such as a cookie sheet to dry and cure, or leave them in the molds to dry. (24-72 hours)

8. Your bombs are ready to pack up and use when they are dry and hard.
    You should keep your fizzy bath bombs in an airtight container until you are ready to use them. Your bath bombs will keep indefinitely in very dry conditions, but moisture in the air will cause them to crumble over time, so storing them in airtight containers will prolong their life.

   There are tons of other recipes and ideas on sites like Pinterest if these are things that you are interested in, from custom nail polish to homemade chapstick.  There really are some amazing things out there that are budget friendly, fun and easy to make and use!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Have Headaches?

By Levena Lindahl and Megan Lindahl 
Tips to Unwind from a Massage Therapist

Let’s face it, college can be stressful!  Students have to deal with so many deadlines, papers and tests throughout the semester.  If you work and take care of a family on top of schoolwork, it’s no wonder that students get headaches. 

Here are a few helpful tips for getting rid of headaches that have you avoiding taking more pills and helping yourself unwind both at home and even in class.

There are many things you can do yourself to help with headaches instead of reaching for more ibuprofen. When you feel a headache coming on, a great way to kick it is by putting a cold compress on your neck, either on the back of your neck or your throat. Then place your feet in warm water or wrap them up in a heating pad/blanket. When you have a headache it is common for blood to rush to your head. This is why your neck and face will often feel hot. What this tip does is send the excess blood away and down to your feet so there is less pressure in your head, which can lessen headache pain.

This isn't always possible though when you aren't home. Here are some self-care massage techniques:

Using your fingertips, massage in small circles on either side of the spine on the back of your neck. Slowly work your way up until you feel the base of the skull. This is known as your occipital. Use your thumb to apply as much pressure as you can just under the hard occipital bumps. Slowly move your head up and down and you will feel the pressure start to relieve. Next, use your finger tips to make small circles just behind your ears. This will relieve tension coming from the neck as well. After that, continue to push in with the finger tips making small circular motions across the whole scalp. This will help eliminate the tension that is most likely causing the headache.

Other things you can do to help with headaches would be to give yourself a foot massage! Rubbing the foot with extra concentration on the big toe will help eliminate headaches according to the practices of reflexology. Either way, a foot massage is a good stress relieving way to take care of yourself.

If the headache is sinus related, a chilled compress on the face will help calm down the stuffy nose. Nasal passages get blocked when the blood vessels in the nose expand. Use your thumb and middle finger to press down hard on either side of the nose. After holding this point for at least 20 seconds, slowly start moving them in an outward direction. Repeat this a couple times. Then put your thumbs together and press on the inside top of your eye brow. Hold this for 20 seconds and then slowly move them out, following the top of the eye brow. This helps relieve sinus pressure and helps your body circulate the pollen out better.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Poems from Professor Hollis Mallory’s English 102 course

Spring 1 2015
Wall of Fame
“Southern Grown”

Growing up on the country side of the lowcountry, where houses were spaced out on open land, and cattle moseyed down the road with the cars, the aroma near the local mini mart had the smell of old tar and bubble gum, and the music that played went “ding ding ding”.

Growing up on the country side of the lowcountry, the favorite pastimes included dirt bikes and four-wheelers on paths where snakes and snails, plus rats and raccoons, went hurrying along. Hydrants blessed hot bodies with refreshing drops, kids played in the mud and took outdoor showers, just to go back and do it all over again. 

We spent long summer days and short summer months chasing dragonflies to picture what their butts looked like, or trying to figure out if it was a monster chasing me or one toad mating with another. The closed-in air and the smacking of skin, growing up in the country side of the lowcountry was a time.

Could you image it in July? This childhood was fun, filled with laughter and smiles, but there were also tears and frowns. Could it have been because summer was coming to an end? Or was it because the days were nights and shorter became longer?

I have often asked myself, “What would have happened if I had stayed and pretended to be that kid again? Why must my childhood dreams turn into adult realities? Am I able to climb up to that tall mountain that has worms and rolly pollies in it?... or do I have to sit at a desk?”

Growing up country in the lowcountry brought the best out of me. Sometimes I even forgot who I was; praying and hoping and hoping and praying that it was just an unending, hard dream; but then I snap back to reality and it’s all there for me to see.

My dreams and hopes of going back to the country side of the lowcountry are no longer feasible, but when I have children of my own, they will know what its like and be able to say “My mom and dad did it right.”

While I saw that house get smaller and smaller till it was there no longer, I spoke the same words over and over, “this was the best of the best summers!” We grew older but our hearts remain in a place that will forever define us. Every thing that could've possibly been was the only thing I knew.

We were southern kids.

-Jes Evans

“How Does it Feel to Taste the Dripping Red?”

How does it feel to taste the dripping red?
Does your adrenaline pump twice as hard?
Do the bullets weigh more inside your head?

 If gun-play is your daily bread, what cards
are dealt other than death. You could have worn
a crown of gold, but a king holds regard

for tears, for cost, for souls that we must mourn.

-Chanel Branch


Earmuffs over sister’s ears used by hands.
Shrieking sounds across the room are heard.
“Stop, please no, get out,” is all she demands.

Crash, boom, scuffle is all I hear occurred.
Keep them safe and un-haunted is my aim.
To embody all the pain ears forever burned
Happy sisters; big sis won’t be the same.

 -Gina Grammer
“For Sir”
“Beep, Beep, Beep,” the warning cries in the dust.
Chaos in the air, blades sling in Afghan.
The collective held high, a definite must.
Hypoxia and confusion, I imagine
comms lost, a bird goes down in the valley.
A Blackhawk lies still in Afghanistan.

I write this for Sir, we lost him sadly.

(R.I.P. CW2 Bryan Henderson 11 March 2013)

-Kevin Stone
“The Quiet Man”

The quiet man sits awaiting approach of deer.
Trees all still; even the birds don’t want to fly.
No sound to hear, the thought of life disappears.

His bang rings out, the birds are in the sky.
A life once pure and innocent now gone,
As smell of iron rises, black kites fly

in circles, waiting as last breath is drawn.

-Kim Hawley
“L’appel du Vide”

This ledge I approach, why the curious to
take flight? These arms do not suffice as wings.

Yet, this edge, a sensation to defy logic and
jump to my plight. Such grim pleasantries. To call
upon the void would prove fruitless.

-Deven Royce
 “Dirt and Gold”

A warm, clear summer night, sipping beer;
a night that country boys lived for.
Crazy how that tailgate made it all clear.
Life is crazy, maybe to some a war...

Load the dog up in the truck bed.
Ride around with a beer in the console.
Roll to the river on that muddy tread.
Throw a line at the honey hole.

‘Round here, we love from the inside;
so what to do when all is lost?
Kindle the flame? Hop in my ride?
Stay with her, no matter the cost?

Lost in dirt and a field of gold,
she left. How much worse could it get?
Who’d be out in this freezing cold?
Ever think you’re the reason for it?
-Jonathon Cleary
"The She to Be”

What did she do with the little pink dress
her Mom made for her before she was born,
and waited patiently to see it worn?
Of all colors why does she like it less
than the tan of sand or the brown of dirt,
or ugly decoupage of little boys,
like silly camouflage on army toys?
Why must she shun pretty pink shirts and skirts?

In school, why do kids wear a uniform;
khaki trousers and shirts of red or blue?
Why must all children look the same at play?
We know we cannot force them to conform,
or birth the want to be like me or you.
My girl hates pink and I love her that way.

-Homer Tipton
We scurried to the van after the call,
My wife’s tear-drenched eyes obscuring her view,
as we raced to a place with whitewashed halls.

A truck had stolen away our nephew,
But left the broken shell of his brother
in fresh torn soil off northbound fifty-two.

All night we drove to cry with his mother.

-Homer Tipton
“Winter is Coming”
The son drug his body out of the car,
his screams mute behind the window. I stand
somewhere, old men watching games at a bar.

 A neighbor danced to her favorite band
as his wife came home to a life now lost.
Families start vacations long since planned.
The news tells of cold and upcoming frost.

 -Ryan Perez
Why command me by such ways?
I am free. I am free.
Free will is a gift that I accept.
I know perfection is impossible.
I am only here for a certain amount of time.
There could be many tomorrows, there could be none.
Until that day comes, I will be me.

Happiness is whatever you decide it is;
Just don’t forget where you come from
While you do what it is that makes you happy.
With all glory to him in the end...
All your possessions stay here
As you go to wherever He says.
-Jonathon Cleary
“Satan’s Office”

 The metal ball of paper Chevrolet
lay not close but far away, and four girls
look like broken ketchup packets on display.

Scalps like banana peels absent their curls,
Four cans of beer lay near a bigger can
Meant to hold all the trash the devil hurls.

Behold, Satan’s roadside office of man.

 -David Sports

“A Passion”

Standing in the cold white walled room
Watching through the crisp glass;
Seeing the people in navy blue
Do what they do.
One day I wish to be in navy too,
I want to be the one awed over.

Years of schooling it took them,
Few more years after that of practice.
The intricate way of moving their hands and fingers
It is as if they are whimsical creatures.
One day I wish to be whimsical too.
I want to be the one awed over.

The feel of the cold metal scalpel in my hand
Ignites my insides like a fire.
Excitement it is to touch living organs,
The unbelievable warmth of running blood.
One day I wish to be a cardiac surgeon too.
I want to be the one awed over.

 -Tabitha White

“Garden of Youth”

The wood creaked underneath the back and forth

Of the rocking chair.

Last September, the days consisted of brown hands,

And the nights of desperate candlelit prayer.

But the barren land refused to give birth to any crop.

The girl wore the same cotton nightgown every day this week.

The fringed edges reached just past her pale knees.

But summer Heat was no match for her affection,

For the ragged clothes that she adored.

She walks barefoot to the garden,

Feeling the pulse of earth in between her toes,

Damped hands clenched around the magic seeds.

At night she will fill her stomach

With dreams of silk petal cocoons,

And even the stars can see

The little girl that smiles in her sleep.

 -Chanel Branch

 “Hold the Line”

The battle rages on,

Up north along the crown.

Weary soldiers falter,

And yield their hallowed ground.

Across the southern plain,

Unseen foes advance.

Digging shallow trenches,

With their blunted lance.

Hold the line, guards in grey!

And bolster thinning ranks,

Defend with silver shields,

The weakened rear and flanks.

Hold the line, shiny chaps!

Lest field of brother slain,

Be reaped by brush and comb,

And tossed into the drain.

-Homer Tipton
 "The feeling.”

It is because of this blistering coldness,

that I cannot feel the warmth of him.

It is because of this raging wind,

I cannot hear his soothing, calming voice.

Even though I seem to feel nothing,

I can still feel that I have forgotten him.

-Logan Young

 “Consume Me Through the Night”/ “Dancing the Dance”

I spot myself in glass
And pirouette around;
My solo ballet class
On polished, wooden ground

Position one and two;
So confident I stand.
Erect, I follow through;
So competent I land.

Over and over now,
I dance until I bend.
Without breaking I bow.
Time to go. Time to end.

Dreams of dancing the dance
Consume me through the night,
And taking up my stance
At center stage, first light.

-David Sports
“Weird, Random Poem”

I hate writing poems so
Much that when I think about
Them my mind is like dough.
Words never seem to come out.

Trying to think of things
That rhyme just takes up too
Much time. I need a king
To tell me what to do.

Maybe I’ll write about this
Lady in a shoe. Her house
Was covered in weird swiss.
She could not stop the mouse.

 -Anne Cush
 “A Father I am Soon to Be”

 A father I am soon to be:
Teen no more; an adult forever.
I’m also married, never free;
Choices I make must be clever

But I see light in this tunnel.
Teenage angst will always be there.
Our lives mixed in a big funnel.
This new life can be somewhat fair;

I hang with the guys on weekends.
At the heart is the drinks we pour.
The time we share will never end.
The next day our heads are very sore.

I come home soaked in light beer;
Heart of a teen is hard to change.
My wife’s look is all I fear;
Priorities must rearrange.

 -Hunter Venesky

 “Pater Familia”

 When I was young Dad seemed so tall;
Ten feet or more of manly brawn.
No mere mortal; no, not at all:
Apollo rising with the dawn.

His manner strict, his word was law
And always had he final say.
Lines in the sand were his to draw.
King on the throne, he got his way.

But then when I became a man,
The veil was lifted from my eyes.
To think that in so brief a span
Ten feet could shrink to half that size.

 While he’s still want to make demands
From his perch above the family.
No longer do I heed commands,
Before the throne on bended knee.

-Homer Tipton

“Her Wedding Day”

 She danced across the room
With wealthy, handsome groom;
yet her white bridal gown
could not disguise her frown.
She abandoned true love;
her soul-mate from above.
He watched her dance away,
on her wedding day.

-David Sports

“Here in Class I Sit Still”

Here in class I sit still,
no words come out to fill
this page of supposed thought.
Find poetry I cannot.
Thinking of rhyming words,
my brain ten stabbing swords.
Hope these thoughts make the grade;
Silly poetry made.

-Gina Grammar

“The Pipe Still Reeks of Smoke”

 The pipe still reeks of smoke,
its brim charred black with coke.
No match was struck today
to keep ill nerves at bay.
But the sweet smell reminds
of days left far behind,
when time filled with pleasure
Was life’s true measure.

 -Homer Tipton

“They Leave to Come Back”

 They leave to come back; always coming back.
Never happy and yet still they return.
It never fails: blood, sweat, tears; not enough.
Cooking all we can to satisfy
a being who will never be. It is
an endless job, but a job nonetheless.

-Logan Young 

“No Sound Beats the Morning Light”

 No sound beats the morning light in the room;
just the car next door, the slam, the boom. They
Need coffee and donuts and time to speed
as he watches others exist and be
from beneath the sheets; the only place that’s
home. Two months since the sight of morning dew.

 -Chanel Branch
“I Set My Line”

 I set my line and wait for the big catch,
hopeful that today will be the big day
I catch the big flounder I have been waiting
for. The sun beats down on my sweaty
head and I hesitate when the line pulls.
It slips away and I sigh and try again.

-Chance Fox

 “The Start of the Day”

 The start of the day; madness ensues. Echoes
of little voices, demanding to be heard,
pull me this way, pull me that way. The rag
doll feeling at such an early hour only
makes me worry for the day to come.
To school they go. Hugs and kisses. Love. Breathe.

-Gina Grammar
“All at Once it became Quite Clear”

 All at once it became quite clear, sitting
alone in my room with not a soul near. High
School was over. My best friend moved away.
No house to show up to unannounced. No
Back doors left open. No 2am calls:
“Hey girl, How’ve you been? Can I call you back?”

-Kelsey Roof