Monday, April 24, 2017

Chivalry is Alive and Well

By: Mary Kiser

In a world of cutthroat, collegiate acceptance rates and career advancements, kindness is difficult to find. However, goodness still prevails. People can find the positive in certain deeds at home, in class, or on the job. Maybe their mother bought them McDonald’s, friend helped them study for a test, or boss let them leave early. Their small favors are a blessing, so how would a life-altering favor feel?

Eugene Yoon was so happy one day that he decided to give away his gratitude; he wanted to help someone in need, and Arthur Renowitzky was in dire need. He was left paralyzed after a beating, so doctors told him he would never walk again. Yoon felt differently.

“He learned about an exoskeleton device that can help some people walk again. It costs about $80,000. So, to pay for it, Eugene quit his job at a research company in Northern California, to hike from the California-Mexico border to Canada. Along the way he posted videos of the adventure and asked people to donate on social media,” an article states.

When Yoon reached Washington, he had also reached his goal of $80,000, and he used the money to aid Renowitzky’s condition. His efforts were not in vain. “A few weeks later, Arthur did walk,” the article states.

The two men are more like brothers than complete strangers now. Yoon was still unsatisfied, though. He wanted to help another person, so he befriended Alberto Velasquez, an impoverished individual who “lives with 24 family members under one roof.” Yoon hired Velasquez to work for his clothing line KIN LOV GRA; while the man will earn money for his family, he will also be an integral part of a much bigger picture: the gift of giving.


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