Friday, February 24, 2017

The Inauguration’s a Bust

By: Mary Kiser
Courtesy of ABC News

Donald J. Trump is officially the President of the United States. While his supporters are happy, his critics share a different sentiment. Between the performers (or lack thereof), protests and pot, the former “Republican” candidate is not just defining history. He’s recreating it.
Nobody wants to revisit the past. It’s too late, though. The country rips open scabbed wounds, and rubs in fresh salt. With a demagogic chameleon as Commander-in-Chief, change is already here.
Before President Trump’s inauguration, violence disrupts Washington. The New York Times relays, “Protestors began breaking shop windows…A Bank of America branch had all its windows shattered, and a Starbucks was left with a gaping hole in its glass front door.” Anger swells in numbers, as support wanes. The Gray Lady informs, “As of 11 a.m., Metro logged 193,000…At Mr. Obama’s first inauguration, the number was 513,000.” Regardless of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s loss, the nation’s state is pitiful. Americans live in the twenty-first century now. People have Wi-Fi, Apple products, Uber and Postmates, yet the country’s regressed. And it makes me wonder: did we ever really move forward?


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