Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Trump Help or Hinder the Economy?

By: Mary Kiser

Since President-elect Donald Trump defied the political regime, he’s reigned supreme. His message spurred crowds, incited riots, and garnered a monstrous flock. Like moths to a flame, people were drawn to his rich personality and commanding presence. Ultimately, Mr. Trump’s swagger defeated his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. She lacked trustworthy charisma, and she crumbled under her own scandals. As she and her husband, Bill Clinton, retired their bully pulpit, Trump took the stage. As he promoted populism, his covert plans suggested otherwise.

Lionized (or criticized) economist, Paul Krugman, detailed his thoughts about America’s upcoming administration. He commented on chameleon Paul Ryan, and his party’s problem. Krugman wrote, “Republicans like Paul Ryan…liked to warn…about the dangers of budget deficits…now, suddenly, those very same politicians are perfectly happy with the prospect of deficits swollen by tax cuts; the budget resolution they’re considering would, according to their own estimates, add $9 trillion in debt over the next decade.” The wealthy would receive substantial tax breaks, and the working class would shoulder the country’s financial burden (again). Unfortunately, in the past, “trickle-down” economics never flourished. However, Mr. Trump might just surprise his critics. If he can nab the White House, he can accomplish anything.


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