Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Letter to the Editor

Camps in America
By: Mary Kiser

Most people try not to repeat their mistakes. If someone lies, then that person will apologize, and make a mental note to try and entertain the truth. History is what the future depends on, and what Americans can reflect on when making a decision. Unfortunately, major events in history are liable to be repeated.

Some Americans don't know that the United States built internment camps after Pearl Harbor. Japanese-Americans were prisoners in these camps for no reason other than fear and sore entitlement. In Colorado, Camp Amache comprised of 7,300 internees, and this is parallel to the concentration camps that were constructed across Europe; the detained were gypsies, the Polish, Russians, and Jewish persons. These displaced persons experienced unfathomable horror; everything from malnourishment to excruciating labor to death were everyday occurrences.

Americans forget the torture, the pain, and the suffering from home and abroad. And now, Donald Trump is resurrecting the same ancient, failed, and inhumane practices with his idiotic and beyond outdated ideas. He believes that the U.S. needs to create a database of Syrian refugees and incessant surveillance on mosques. For him to even suggest these outlandish ideas should rift him from possible presidency. But he's seen as this hipster politician that defies the rules and regulations set for candidates. His buzz isn't loud; it's obnoxious and dangerous. Conservative Republicans need to quit viewing him as a pesky mosquito that sometimes draws bad blood; he's a Wasp with a Waspy facade.


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