Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poems: "21" and "Wrongful Deed"

Photo by Xedos4
by Kyle Manigault


Dear Khalil,
As my eyes close
I hear you whisper
"Don’t cry. I’m fine.
We will meet again"
But again seems too long.
I miss playing ball together.
I always win, remember?
You say I cheat,
And really I do.
I lost score, and say I’m winning,
Since you’re gone,
I can’t play anymore.
Once my time comes,
We will play again.
This time God's keeping score.

My first and last name
Will always be murderer.
I fear for what might
Happen in my future.
I didn’t meant to kill him,
But Jack Daniels assisted me
To walk down the evil path.
I don’t remember how the knife got in my hand.
I don’t remember how the blood got on my skin.
But I’m sorry for becoming
What I am not:
A monster.


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