Thursday, June 28, 2012

Laptop Stolen June 28th

Public Safety is investigating a reported car break-in that occurred today between 5:50pm and 7:40pm. The complainant reported that she was parked in the parking area between building 910 and building 920, known as lot "E", at the Main Campus. She reported that her laptop was stolen from under her front seat while her vehicle was unattended. Her doors were locked, but the windows were partially rolled down about 1/2 inch. There were no signs of forced entry, and no other items were stolen from her vehicle.
Crime Prevention TipBe alert for individuals loitering or acting suspiciously around the parking lots. Your prompt reporting to Public Safety may disrupt a crime while it is in progress. Also, be certain to lock your car doors and roll up your windows when your car is parked on campus. Please continue to report any suspicious activities or persons to Public Safety by dialing (843) 574-6053 or (843) 574-6911.

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