Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Blue Ribbon Horse Show Circuit

Carolina Classic Photography
By Tiffany Campbell

Imagine riding a horse, but not just any horse. You have trained this horse so well that you envision receiving recognition for what you have achieved. This is what many Lowcountry horseback riders now have the opportunity to do, thanks to the Tall Pines Horse Show Circuit. Since their first show, Tall Pines has been drawing a huge horse enthusiastic crowd, and they are one of the very few show circuits in the area.

The Tall Pines Horse Show Circuit offers a very diverse horse show that is open to competitors of all ages. They offer classes from barrel racing, hunter-over-fences, to gaited classes. In addition, there are perks to being part of this circuit. They have their own point system, and their own year-end award ceremony, where they give out saddles, belt buckles, ribbons, and more to the high-scoring riders of the year.

Another great thing Tall Pines does is something many people greatly admire. Every year in November, they hold a special Ride-A-Buck class in honor of a very special horse, “Spot Me In A Crowd.” Spot was an amazing horse. He not only took care of his rider and owner Emily Herrick, but he was also used in Special Needs riding programs. Of the entry fees for this class, 50% goes to Pattison’s Academy, a school for special needs children.

If you are passionate about riding horses and want more information about the upcoming shows and Tall Pines in general please visit their website for more information, http://www.tallpineshorseshow.com/