Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women and Power

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By Sarah Rumford

For thousands of years, people thought that women must have a husband, must do what their husbands say, and must not make their own choices. Women are better than that, more powerful, more intelligent, and we can do anything that we set our minds to.

Women are beginning to learn that we do not need a man in our lives to be happy. Women also can make their own financial choices, and they can take care of themselves. Although women seem vulnerable, we are strong. Even though we make mistakes, we can overcome them and take control of the situation. Some women that I have met provide great examples of how it is to be on their own. For example, my mother raised me all by herself ever since I was practically a baby. She is the strongest person that I know. I have learned from her mistakes, as well as my own. She has taught me how to be independent and how to take care of myself.
Although I do not have a guy in my life, I see myself as being a lucky person because I have such great friends. I don’t need a guy in my life to make me happy. It would be nice to have somebody to share my life at some point, but right now is not that time. We have friends in our lives to make us laugh and be happy. I have friends that can bring me happiness. My friends make me laugh, and I know I can count on them.  They  make me a happy girl, and we have a great time. Not only that, I can also be myself around them. I don’t feel like I have to prove myself to somebody. Men can bring us happiness, but on the other hand they give women like me headaches. To me, it is just easier to be with people who love me for who I am and who like to be around me.
When it comes to financial choices, sometimes the men like to be the ones who make the choices. I like to spend my money on what I want to spend it on. I should be able to do what I please with it all. At times, married couples get a joint bank account, but that can lead to trouble. The husband might not like what his wife is spending money on. That issue can lead to divorces, which nobody wants to go through. I think it’s just easier to have your own account and make your own choices with the money that is rightfully yours.
Lastly, women can take care of themselves. I have learned from my mom’s mistakes and bad choices because they have shown me what not to do. She has taught me to be independent and to take care of myself and my responsibilities. Every choice that I make, I think of her. She taught me to think before I make my decision on what I’m about to do. I make her and my father proud parents by taking care of myself and making my own choices. 

I believe we can graduate college, get our own jobs, and take care of ourselves. I think women can be as independent as any male; we don’t need to have a man to take over our lives. Yes, I do believe in love.  I do believe in marriage, but I will not be a woman who is controlled by the man in my life. I believe that we can take control of our future even though men have this image of us being below them. I believe we can turn this around for women all over the world. We are strong, and we can do it!


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