Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is the Student Activity Period?

by Theo LeGree

The last Student Activity Period of the semester is Monday, March 26, 10:20-11:20, and you will have no classes then. Contrary to popular belief, the Student Activity Period is not time for students to leave or lounge around on campus. The Student Activity Period is time set aside from academic learning for students to get involved in student organizations. Student organizations hold meetings monthly during the Activity Period. The college cancels classes for an hour each month because the college president, Dr. Mary Thornley, feels that you being involved in campus clubs and organizations is that important.   

You could attend many different events. For example, The Photography Club will have local photographer Collette Murk as a speaker during the March 26 Student Activity Period. She is the owner of CM Portrait Studios and does portraiture. She also runs the Charleston Photography Group to help photographers gain skills, knowledge and photography for their portfolio. This is just one of many opportunities you have during the Student Activity Period. 

Trident Technical College offers numerous student organizations to accommodate different lifestyles and interests. A list of student organizations can be accessed through the Trident Tech web page. 
  • Click on the web link that says my.tridenttech
  • Click on the link “Clubs and Organizations” that appears on the left side of the screen. 
  • Find a list of clubs and organizations.
  • Click on the ones that interest you. Under each listing is a description of the club or organization and contact information for the advisor.
      So, now you know you are interested in a club or two.  What next?  You can contact the advisor of the club to find out regular meeting times, or you can look in the schedule of activity periods. Next, you need to find out the list of meetings that the Student Activities office publishes before each Student Activity Period.  You can also find this schedule on the Trident Tech web page. 
  • Click on the web link that says my.tridenttech
  • Click on the tab that says “Announcements” that appears under TTC News and Announcements
  • Find a list of recent announcements.
  • Click on the link that says “Student Activity Period Club Meeting Locations.” 
  • Attend an interesting meeting.
      All college learning doesn’t happen in a classroom. Your future success may depend on someone you meet or something you learn in a campus club or organization. Attend meetings during the Student Activity Period, and build a foundation for future success.    


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