Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stuff a 40-Something Freshman Says

By Vickie Trippe
  • Hey…Captain Obvious…laying on your horn in the parking lot traffic gridlock really isn’t helping.
  • You’re not as interesting as you think you are – use your ‘inside voice’ in the hallways and between classes.
  • Are you really so tired you need to lie down in the hallway between classes? Five Hour Energy drinks…get some. 
  • Did Mommy pick your classes and make you take one on Friday? Complain to her then.

  • The pedestrian ALWAYS has the right of way.  ALWAYS.  Even if the driver is late for class.
  • Ummm – WHY would a teacher you disrespect ever be compelled to cut you some slack?   
  • YES! The syllabus is your to-do list. Really!
  • College is self-service.  Handle your messes.
  • Would it kill you to use some words other than “like, uh…” and “you know…”?
  • Guys…hogging the benches while the girls around you have to stand is so not scoring you cool points.  Chivalry.  Look it up.
  • To get a good education, you need to be a good student.  For a GREAT education, put forth A LOT of effort. Learning via your head resting on your book, osmosis style, hasn’t proven to be too effective.
  • Why wait for the 60% of term mark to drop out?  The rest of us need the parking space and financial aid you’re wasting.
  • Hey…Cootie Factory…cover your mouth while you cough & sneeze.  Remember we learned that in kindergarten?
  • Too bad there’s not an “app” for courtesy.
  • Graduating high school doesn’t automatically make you college ready.  You’re in charge of you now.  The sooner you start to own that, the easier everything gets.
  • While you are sleeping in class, yes, we ARE making fun of you.
  • When I was your age, no one could tell me anything either.

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  1. I know I've said a few of these while driving or walking around campus.