Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trailer for Clemente Players' "The Warrior's Heart" March 23-25

Like tragic stories of warrior heroes? Come see the premiere of “The Warrior’s Heart:  the Life and Legacy of Joan of Arc” at the James Dean Theatre on March 23-25.  Trident Technical College’s own Clemente Players will produce this multi-media theatrical production supported by the Trident Technical College Foundation. 
The Clemente Players perform in support of the Charleston Clemente Course at Trident Technical College. The Charleston Clemente Courses are free college-level humanities courses that are offered to disadvantaged people in the Charleston area, in the hope that a study of classical literature, philosophy, art, and history can offer a way out of poverty through intellectual freedom. You can read more about the Clemente Course in a recent article here at the Trident Times.  You can check out the trailer for the show below.
How can you support this effort?

·      buy tickets for yourself ($17)
·      buy tickets for the homeless & Clemente students ($17)
·      feed Gabriel (Joan’s horse ) with a donation of $20
·      become a sponsor of The Clemente Players 

You can purchase tickets or make a donation online or contact Sharon Willis at


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