Monday, March 12, 2012

How Does Logging On from One Place Sound?

By Joe Gibson

Have you ever wished your TTC email, TTC Express, and D2L courses were all available in one place with one logon? Well, it’s coming. A new and improved my.tridenttech web portal will be launched in Fall 2012. The goal of the my.tridenttech portal is to improve communication and provide a single point of access to applications and information for faculty, staff, and students. The new portal will provide single sign-on access to TTC Express, D2L courses and student email (Gmail) from one location.

This means no more multiple logins to these systems. Students will also be able to easily access their my.tridenttech email and view calendar events from the portal home page. The portal is geared to make a student’s college life easier, improve access to critical information, and help him or her stay connected.

But, wait, there is also an app for that. A new mobile app called MOX will be launched with the portal. MOX will allow students to search for courses, view campus events, view campus maps, and search faculty, staff, and student directories.

The portal will also deliver important announcements and customized notifications to students, including a Twitter feed. Students can look forward to accessing customized information on their portal page based on enrollment status, degree or certificate program, and involvement in campus activities.

More updates on the new my.tridenttech portal will be coming soon.


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