Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bow Mania

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By Kelly Phillips

Living in the south, we tend to see little girls with sizeable bows in their hair. My mother was one of those women who dolled her little girls in frilly dresses and big hair bows. Now that I’m a mother with two little girls, I see myself doing the same thing. After living in a small town most of my life, I see that great things do come in small packages. Shug’s Southern Bows is a local business that provides more than just a bow. Shug is a southern lady who has a unique style and pride in her work. Having a bow for each outfit can get expensive. So finding a local bow dealer that’s inexpensive with a creative style is a refreshing change on our wallets. 

I never noticed how much work went into making bows until I watched Shug make one of her bows for my daughter’s latest outfit. I walked into her shop, and I was amazed at what I saw.  There were bows neatly set up with rolls and rolls of ribbon in every size and color.  She held up the outfit looking for colors that matched. She said, “What style would you like?”  I looked through her collection in amazement; I wanted one of every kind and in every color.  After I chose the style, Shug pulled the ribbon, and with a few twist of the hand, she handed me a gorgeous bow for my collection.

After finding Shug at a local festival and being amazed at her many talents, I have become a fan of her craftsmanship. Her prices are affordable, and her collection is up-to-date and fashionable with a one-of-a-kind touch on her customized items. Shug’s collection has a wide variety of colors and styles. Her work is always guaranteed, and her service is done with pride.  Shug’s Southern Bows has exploded in our local town and, more personally, has made its way into the hair of our little girls.


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