Thursday, April 5, 2012

Need Writing Help?

By Zaneta Kennedy

 A new semester means new classes and, of course, new assignments. Many classes require essay writing, whether it is in history, art appreciation, or English. Many students dread writing term papers simply because they haven’t the knowledge or resources to compose a clear and concise essay.

This is where Ms. Cameron Sperry comes in. She is a writing tutor who offers help to all TTC students currently enrolled in any TTC class. Ms. Sperry does not write, edit, or proofread papers for students. The assistance she offers involves helping students learn to recognize the problems they have and the types of errors they make in their own writing, with the goal of helping the students improve their overall writing skills.

 “Ultimately, I want the students I work with to improve their writing to the point that they have confidence in their ability as writers,” says Sperry. “Everyone has ideas; I am here to help students learn how to express their ideas effectively in writing.”

Tutoring services are offered through The Writing Center in The Learning Center on Main Campus, including face-to-face and online tutoring. Students can visit The Learning Center website for information about how to receive online tutoring, as well as for information about tutor availability on Main, Palmer, and Berkeley Campuses. She offers assistance on a drop-in basis, with individuals and small groups, depending on demand.

Ms. Sperry assists students on all levels—from those who need help with basic writing skills, to those who are more advanced and only seek feedback as a part of their writing process. “I help students at all stages of the writing process, from getting started on an assignment, to revising and editing for clarity, to employing appropriate proofreading techniques to be sure they have a polished final draft,” Sperry says. “Even very good writers can benefit from working with a writing tutor.”


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