Thursday, June 7, 2012

Society for Medical Laboratory Technology: Two Service Projects

The Society for Medical Laboratory Technology (SMLT) has two on-going service projects with which it would love your help.
The SMLT is collecting Box Tops for Education to be given to the Mary Ford Elementary school to help them purchase items they need.  This is part of a state-wide project in which all of the MLT programs across the state are collecting the Box Tops for a local school of their choice.  The MLT program that collects the most box tops will get a nice prize (this has yet to be determined by the SCSCLS board).  The competition will end in March with the SCSCLS Student Bowl, an annual competition in which the SMLT participates. 

The SMLT will be setting out collection boxes across the campus to collect items needed by Camp Burnt Gin.  Camp Burnt Gin is a summer camp in Wedgefield, South Carolina, for children who have physical disabilities and chronic illnesses.  It is a service of the DHEC Maternal and Child Health Bureau/Division of Children with Special Health Care Needs.  With support of public and private funds, DHEC has operated Camp Burnt Gin since 1945 to provide summer camping experiences for children and young adults with chronic illnesses or disabling conditions.  Due to budget cuts, they have just enough money from DHEC to stay open.  Most of the items are cheap and easy to obtain.  Gently used items are definitely accepted, so if you have any of these items lying around, please help!  Please drop off donations at FATZ Cafe by Tanger Outlet under the name Allen Wadford.  Below is a wish list for the camp. 

        Items needed:






Bathroom cleaner


Toilet bowl brushes

Shower curtain liners

Flashlights and batteries

Bug spray (for the body)

Postcard stamps

Swimming and Boating

Swim goggles

Sunscreen (SPF 45)

Soft wax earplugs (Wal-Mart)

Beach balls

Life jackets

Pool chemicals

Sports and Games

Balls (football, playground)

Flag football flags


Arts and Crafts

Clear plastic storage containers (assorted sizes: shoe box to 20+ gallon)

Small precut wood projects

16-8oz hammers

Paint pens

Leather lacing

Markers-water based

Glue-bottle and glue sticks

Construction paper


Beads for jewelry


Paint-non-toxic, water based

Face Paint

Miscellaneous craft items

Food Service

Paper products (napkins, paper towels, plates)

Paper cups (5 oz for water stations)

Liquid dish soap

Heavy-duty oven mitts and potholders

Plastic pitchers with lids

Coolers with spouts (5+ gallons)


Shower chairs

Antibacterial liquid hand soap

Baby wipes


Lysol disinfectant spray

Clorox disinfecting wipes


Laundry detergent

Liquid bleach

Maintenance and Grounds

Energy wise light bulbs –60 watt, 100watt


Bedding plants and vegetable plants

Children’s gardening tools

Ant poison

Roundup weed killer

Heavy-duty garden hose

Spray nozzle


Golf cart
Food Items

Snacks for teen camp (crackers, cookies)

Large marshmallows

Bottled water for camper outings


Copy paper

Laminating sheets

Masking Tape (10-20 rolls)

Ballpoint pens

Permanent markers (Sharpie’s)

If you should have any questions or need a pick-up of donated supplies and/or Box Tops, please contact Siana Riven, SMLT President.  Her e-mail address is ; your message will go straight to the inbox on her phone, and she will arrange for herself or a club member to pick up the items.


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