Monday, October 22, 2012

Review of the Terrace Theatre

by Miranda Jacobs

      Do you ever find yourself getting bored with seeing quirky romance comedies and overblown action flicks at the movie theater?  I do, which is why I see movies at the Terrace Theatre. 
     The Terrace is an independent film theater on James Island that was first opened by Marcie Marzluff in 1997 (Coles).  It has since won numerous awards: it was voted one of Moviefone’s top 12 independent film theaters in America, one of the top places to visit in Charleston by The New York Times, and the best local theater in 2009 by the Charleston City Paper (Amaker).

     The Terrace is the only theater in Charleston that plays foreign, independent, and art house films.  It has played hundreds of critically-acclaimed films that could not be seen at any other theater in Charleston, one being A Separation, a 2011 film about a couple struggling in modern-day Iran.  Not only does the Terrace play movies, it plays fascinating documentaries such as Marley, which explores the life of Bob Marley, and Searching for Sugar Man, which attempts to unravel the mystery behind an unknown 70’s rock musician named Rodriquez.  And for those nostalgic urges to watch a favorite movie for the tenth time, the Terrace also plays past films like Pulp Fiction, The Great Dictator, North by Northwest, and Battleship Potemkin.
     The Terrace does play movies with mainstream popularity; however, it does not play movies that have gained mainstream popularity only from movie-going fans.  A mainstream movie must also gain respect from movie critics before it is played at the Terrace.  Such mainstream yet critically-acclaimed movies have been The King’s Speech, Midnight in Paris, and Moonrise Kingdom, all of which exclusively premiered at the Terrace before making way to any of the other theaters in Charleston.
     There are many additional advantages to seeing a movie at the Terrace Theatre.  Tickets are only $7.50 for students and military, and only $7 for everyone for movies playing before 5 p.m.!  Another one of its best features is its audience, which rarely fails to be a crowd of polite people with an appreciation for artistic movies and a habit of not talking while watching them.
     With its unique variety of movie showings, the Terrace offers moviegoers a rewarding experience that few theaters across the United States offer.  The Terrace carefully selects movies that will satisfy those who are seeking more than an average pop culture movie.  As the Charleston City Paper puts it, the Terrace Theatre “draws people who are curious, open-minded, and ready for something new” (“Best Movie Theater”).

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