Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get Your Glow on: $10 Facials at TTC Aesthetics Clinics

By: Lisa Collins Kight
     Did you know you can get a facial at the Palmer or Berkeley Campus for only $10?  That’s right…the Trident Technical College aesthetics clinics at the Palmer and Berkeley Campuses offer facials at their clinics for $10. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in a facial.
     I arrived for my appointment and was pleasantly surprised by the calm that radiates in the skin care clinic.  The level of professionalism is superb.  One of the students greeted me and handed me a small form to fill out while I waited for my student aesthetician.  Shortly after Sarah emerged, she introduced herself and sat down beside me to discuss my concerns and ask me some questions that would help her evaluate my skin.  I was impressed with how knowledgeable and passionate she was about skin care, which immediately put me at ease. 

     As I entered the clinic, I noticed that the instructors that were consulting the students.  It is under their watchful eye that the students work with their clients receiving facials. The serenity and calm were wonderful.  As I emerged from the changing area, my student aesthetician greeted me.  I followed her to the place I would spend the next hour in near Nirvana. Each step of the facial process, transported me to a place as calm as the soft green wall color of the spa.  The Zen- like music wafting through the room evoked a peacefulness that allowed me to relax and fully enjoy the peaceful experience. 
     As Sarah began each step in the facial process she explained the purpose, the ingredients, and the benefits my skin would receive from each product and step of the facial. Also during the facial she took the time to answer any questions I asked.  She stressed the importance of understanding each product and the benefits I would receive from using them.  After each step of the facial I found myself relaxing more and more.  By the time my facial was completed my skin felt so dewy fresh, I was beaming!  After the facial she reviewed the steps in my new skin care routine.
     The first thing I said to Sarah as I checked out was, “Is there a chance we could do this again?”  I scheduled a facial for each week left in the semester.
     I am currently using many of the products introduced to me by the skin care clinic and couldn’t be happier.  My skin is calm and feels wonderful.  The last time I was in for my facial, Sarah assured me that my skin looked like I was in my thirties.   This is something a fifty-three year old never minds hearing!
     I am excited to have found the skin care clinic and plan on visiting regularly.  It was a pleasure meeting Sarah and I look forward to my next visit. I was extremely impressed with the entire sublime experience and my skin has never looked more radiant…I am aglow!

Call to schedule an appointment:
Palmer Campus – 843-722-5505 Berkeley Campus – 843-899-8075

To give you an idea of what a deal the facial is, just compare it to the same service you would receive at the Charleston Place Hotel.
  • Charleston Place Facial (50 min) is $130 versus the TTC Customized Facial (hour) is $10.  The Charleston Place Hotel website says, “Our signature experience cleans, exfoliates and rejuvenates all skin types.  Renews your spirit with relaxing facial massage.”
  • Charleston Place Hotel Glycolic or Lactic Treatment (50 min) $150 versus TTC Glycolic or Lactic Treatment Facial (hour) is $10.  Charleston Place Hotel website says, “Gently re-textures and helps smooth little lines and uneven skin tone.  Lightens pigmentation and deep cleans.  For the ultimate glow, schedule one every month.”
  • Charleston Place Hotel Acne Facial Treatment (50 min) is $135 versus TTC Acne Facial (hour) is $10.  Charleston Place Hotel website says, “The Acne Facial Treatment is a gentle facial treatment to help clear spots, blackheads and blemishes, while helping to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.”
  • Charleston Place Hotel Vitamin C - Resveratrol Age Reversal Facial (80 min) is $250 versus TTC Anti-Aging Facial (1 hour) is $10.  Charleston Place Hotel website says, “Luxurious and intensive—rejuvenates your skin with powerful alpha beta peel. A potent blend of vitamin C, resveratrol and peptides to nourish, brighten tone and lift your complexion. Skin feels softer and looks radiant.”


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