Thursday, October 9, 2014

What If

Written By: Kim Kovavich

The air is filled with laughter and excitement and you think to yourself, "this is going to be the best vacation we have ever had; I'm so thankful we finally decided to do this." You're three hours outside of London and when you land, you have numerous adventures planned to show your family how much you truly love them. As the daydream begins to dissipate, you glance over at your daughter as she sleeps. You lay your hand gently on her shoulder, and in a blink of an eye, she is gone, disappearing into thin air.

Her clothes lie in a pile on her seat, her Hello Kitty stuffed animal atop them. You close your eyes, convinced this is just a repercussion of your college years. You count to ten, and slowly begin to peer around the plane. To your chagrin, all of the children are missing, including that obnoxious, holy roller lady that kept spouting bible verses.

The passengers are in a frenzy. Amidst the yelling and feverish panic, you look at your wife, begging for an explanation. Everyone is thinking it......."Aliens? Someone grabbed them and they are all stashed somewhere under the plane with the luggage. That last drink knocked me out and they all departed the plane in another city." You wrestle with the possibilities. Your wife says, "Maybe that bible thumper lady in the next seat wasn't so crazy after all; we have been left behind."

I typically don't write about movies; but, I found this one to be quite interesting and entertaining. It left me thinking and wondering, and did a beautiful job of addressing a subject that the majority of the human race chooses to ignore or reject completely. "Left Behind" will keep you on your toes and leave you asking yourself, "What if?"  


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