Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Successful Blood Drive Breaks Records

by Lisa Kight   
     Congratulations to Trident Technical College for setting a new one-day record for blood donations! The drive for blood donations on March 6, 2013, was a huge success. The record-setting day was made possible due to the dedication and hard work from members of the Red Cross, Radiologic Technology Association, Society of Student Leaders, and Student Nurses Association. In between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, these volunteers collected 92 units at the blood drive held in the 410 building on March 6, setting a one day record number of donations for the Trident Technical College’s blood drive.  Many thanks go to the volunteers for their generosity, some staying until 5 pm, well beyond the scheduled 3pm end of the blood drive.
    The mood was jovial and serious at the same time and the patience of the donors was tremendous, some having to wait 2 ½ hours just to begin the screening process of blood donation.  Not only does blood donation require a lengthy screening process, the actual donation takes a while to complete. Each person there was aware of the importance of the gift of a blood donation.  Blood donation is a generous and self-less act.  The importance goes beyond the actual donation; it reminds us that life is precious.  The joy of giving was in the air and spirits were high as each number was called.

    Ninety-six people registered to donate with a record number of 92 units.  Of the total there were 80 whole blood donations and six (alyx) donations. The members of each organization did a great job of keeping up the spirits of the donors.   They also encouraged the hard work of the nurses drawing the blood and cheered on the one gentleman that was responsible for boxing up the donations in insulated containers, readying the donations for delivery to the blood bank. 
    Trident Technical College sponsors blood drives all during the year.  So if you did not get a chance to donate March 6, a future date for this semester is already in the works.  One tip: if you are short on time…You can make an appointment prior to the blood drive, which gives you V.I.D. (Very Important Donor) status and moves you to the front of the line and that will help the time that it takes to make your donation. Cookies, chips and a drink were available to donors after they completed the donation process.  Also for the volunteers and donors the latest in fashion was available in a t-shirt provided by the Red Cross. 

***For the donors and volunteers that did not get their t-shirt the day of the blood drive, you may pick-up your t- shirt up in building 410, room 130.***


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