Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Big Band Concert

           The Big Band concert, held at the main campus of Trident Technical College annually, is a definite go-to event.  Last year, I just happened to walk into it, not really knowing what it was all about, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
It is a formal night for everyone in the community to go and enjoy classical music and refreshments, and did I mention it is free admission?!
What is better than going to a free concert?
You can enjoy the live music; you can even dance if you want to.
It might seem like it is geared toward the older generation of students here, but all ages will enjoy this event.
As I am a 20 year old who doesn’t particularly listen to “oldies” music much, unless I am with my parents in their car, it is an unimaginable cultural experience to see so many people enjoying music together, dancing and having a good time.
Once you are there, you are submerged into the culture, bringing you back to the late 30’s and beyond.
It is truly a special occasion that is held at your college, so take advantage of this opportunity!
You do not want to miss the affair of the Spring Semester!
Come on Friday, February 7th from 7:00 pm–9:30 pm!
Don’t forget to bring your family, your friends, and your neighbors!


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