Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November Men’s Health Awareness

By Levena Lindahl

Hey gentlemen, this article is for you.  October was all about breast cancer awareness and getting women in to see their doctors, and now November is about men’s health and encouraging you to do the same! 

Statistically, men are less likely to go to the doctor to get annual physicals and exams, and that can lead to dangerous health issues.  Most guys think of ‘no-shave November’, but there are men going around sporting just moustaches.  Have you ever wondered why?  It’s to raise awareness for men’s health month, and odds are if you ask that fellow why he is rocking a moustache instead of a beard, he will tell you about men’s health month. 

This November, think about going and seeing your doctor for a check-up, especially if you are over 25.  Men of all ages should go and see their doctors for yearly check-ups but as you get older it becomes more important.  Starting the habit now will keep you in good health for years to come, letting you wear those moustaches and beards in November with pride.


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