Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Holiday Heartbreak

         When I think about Thanksgiving, I think about the Silver Linings Playbook. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play broken characters that have fallen in their personal lives, but strive for their silver lining. He wants his wife back, and she wants him. Viewers experience the raw passion and pain that these two people are going through, and it shows a different side to the holiday while keeping the traditional excitement of good food and football. My own memories of Thanksgiving aren’t as hectic or heartwarming, but I share them with my loved ones in a home that’s a haven. During this time, we forget about our petty arguments and unresolved issues to focus on what we have and all that we shouldn’t take for granted.
          This November 26, 2015 will mark another Thanksgiving with the turkey as the centerpiece, and the TV remote being voted most popular. The Panthers are going to play the Cowboys at 4:30, and most people in South Carolina are going to have their forks and napkins ready. While most of us will be surrounded in warmth and comfort, let’s not forget about Paris and Syria. Innocent civilians are dying from brutal attacks, whether they’re from the government or rebel forces, such as IS. We’re filling our bellies with collard greens, macaroni-and-cheese, and sweet potato casserole, and somewhere in Syria a mother is mourning the death of her child. We’re going to watch football through a sleepy haze while Paris deals with the aftershock of terrorism. When we sit down with our family and friends, let’s remember to honestly thank God for what we have and who we have. Let’s remember to say a prayer for Paris and Syria.



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