Tuesday, September 27, 2016


By: Mary Kiser

The product of a student's sweat, blood, and tears.

People attend Trident Tech for a variety of reasons. Some classes are available to high school students, it is more affordable than state university, and there is a melting pot of resources. Any student here knows that grades are the key to graduation, even if said grades are difficult to manage in between work, kids, and/or daily activities. However, teachers, guidance counselors, and staff can assuage the burden.

The Learning Center is one of the best outlets a student can utilize. Tutors and workshops can assist any person that struggles with several subjects like Spanish, Math, and/or English. The volunteers and employees are there to guide anyone through difficult classes or unmanageable assignments. If this is of interest to any of Trident Times readers, then head to Bldg. 920/ Rm. 211 or call 843-574-6409 to schedule an appointment. Go to “Student Resources” on Trident’s website for more information about other locations for other campuses other than Main.

The Library is another viable option. It’s located at the Main Campus in Bldg. 510, and it is open between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and it is also open Friday and Saturday. Novels and magazines are not the only valuables there. Librarians can guide a student to important books that pertain to his or her field of study, and they can answer questions about the website, how to navigate it, and cardinal links through the Databases/Articles section of Trident's website.

School can act as a second job, but it does not have to be the onerous one of the two. The work can be a meandering road to dullsville, but that A on a finished paper or essay will be worth the travel.

“There are strategies to score or to be ahead but there is one strategy to learn which is curiosity.”
― Ronald Tudu


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