Thursday, March 29, 2012

C of C Athletics Receive an Upper Hand from TTC Massage Therapy Students

Photo provided by Sharyn Nichols
By Jarrod C. Fritz, LMT
Most people are aware that massage therapy is great at relaxing you, but most don’t know that massage therapy can be used in rehabilitation and recovery. The students in TTC’s Massage Therapy Program have learned that massage therapy expedites recovery times and benefits athletes. In October 2011, TTC’s Massage Therapy Student Organization started working with the College of Charleston Sports Medicine Department to help athletes rehab quicker and get them back to their sports sooner, with increased performance.
Photo provided by Sharyn Nichols
Massage therapy has many great benefits that help people and athletes alike to feel and move better. Massage helps break down adhesions in the muscle fibers caused by injury, overuse, and underuse; this break down helps increase the range of motion in the joint, thus allowing for better movement. Massage therapy also assists in the removal of metabolic wastes. The massage strokes help to “flush” excess wastes from the site of trauma, which in turn allows the client to feel rejuvenated and function better.
The College of Charleston Sports Medicine Department understands these concepts, which is why they have chosen to team up with TTC’s Massage Therapy Program. The results are great and simple; the athletes recover quicker and perform better. 

Photo provided by Sharyn Nichols
But what about those of us who aren’t athletes? Well, we can get massages, too. The Massage Therapy Public Clinic runs from March 2-April 25 (except during Spring Break March 12-16). The Massage Therapy Public Clinic offers $25 one hour massages, and free chair massages. Appointments are 10:30, 12 pm, 1:45 & 3:30 – Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. You can call 843-722-5552 to set up your appointment.
If you have any questions about how massage therapy could help you or someone you know, or if you are interested in becoming a massage therapy student here at TTC, please contact Sharyn Nichols at 843-722-5542. The next massage therapy class begins in August 2012, but don’t wait too long because spots will fill up quickly.
Did you know?
·         The Massage Therapy Full Time Program is a 2 semester program starting at the end of August and ending the first week of May.
·         Massage Therapy students take 2 biology classes (BIO 112 and BIO 238) with the Biology Dept; one each semester.
·         Students learn a variety of techniques but concentration is on Clinical Massage, Swedish Massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, some Energy Work… along with Hot Stone Massage, and Body Wraps.
·         Students participate in local events such as the Bridge Run, providing sports massages, and the College of Charleston Health Fair, providing chair massages.
·         Students are also required to work with a case study.  Each student is required to work on one client for 7 weeks. This client must have a medically documented condition. The student researches the condition, and devises a treatment plan to help that client alleviate the pain.
·         Trident Tech’s Massage Program is lead by Sharyn Nichols and her adjunct faculty. The faculty includes Twoie Palmer, who teaches the muscular system; Elizabeth Siegling, who is certified in Sport Massage from the Florida School of Massage Therapy; and Jarrod C. Fritz, who specializes in Sports Massage and has worked with professional athletic teams such as Charleston Riverdogs, WWE Professional Wrestling, and the US Soccer Federation.
·         Upon completion of the program, graduates sit for a National Exam. Graduates can then apply for their South Carolina licenses.


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