Friday, May 11, 2012

Poem: "Let me Say Before I Go"

By Sharon Browder

Before I’m lost to time and the South
I want to say I was here.
I loved the half light of a day sliding into night.
I want you to know before I leave
That I liked the old southern towns along the Savannah River.
I loved the formations of geese in the North Carolina sky
And the snake-necked egret at the edge of a marsh,
And the pungent smell of puff mud.
I came to love my life right here.
Fell in love with the browns and greens and the color of moss.
But the color of the leaves in late October
Near the Blue Ridge are not to be missed.

Let me say
I loved Charleston, South Carolina
The walk through the Market,
The bricks on King Street,
The Battery and the Gazebo.
I loved the surprise of a snowfall in February
And a colorful scarf at my neck.
I was thankful for the sweet smells of murky summer nights.
Before I leave this whole world
 Let me tell you
I loved the rain at the storm door on a cold day;
Had more buttered toast here

With my sweet morning coffee
And a cup at two always brought me thoughts of my mother
Rising from a nap.
I need the poet Edna St. Vincent Malay
And the prose of Annie Dillard.
Their soft look at a hard world
Fed me spoonfuls of pleasure
And nourished me when I was hungry.
Know that I loved the rustle of wind in the leaves
Scrolling along the street.
Know there will be blossoms to follow
And Butter Cups under the oaks
And wherever I go
The electric red of roses
And my day to ponder.


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