Friday, October 18, 2013

Trident Tech’s Best Kept Secret: Where is the Wellness Center?

by Candice Bizzell

        How many students know that we have a new Wellness Center? Do you know where it is? Over half the students I ask say they are not aware of the TTC Wellness Center. I am here to tell you that TTC does indeed have a Wellness Center and it is located in between the bookstore and the new TTC Café. Chances are, if you didn’t know about the Wellness Center, you probably didn’t know about the Café either.
Before you rush to the Wellness Center, you will need to do a little bit of prepping first. In order to use the Wellness Center, you must be a current TTC student, faculty or staff member. If you are not taking classes, you can’t use it.

How will they know, you may ask? Well, when you enter into the Wellness Center, you scan your current ID. Program Coordinator Suzie Walters explained that this is a way that they track the peak times the Wellness Center is being used, who is using it, and how often they use it.  Now before you go in there and scan your ID, you will need to do one thing: sign the liability form online through your TTC Portal.
       First, sign in to your TTC Portal. Second, select “Campus Life.” From the drop down menu, select The InterTech Group Wellness Center link. Over on the left side of the page is a link to the “The InterTech Group Wellness Center Handbook and Acknowledgements.” Click on this link and review the handbook. Read the handbook, I advise you to  actually read it, because there is information within that they don’t have posted in the Wellness Center. At the end of the document is a link to the agreement. Click on the link and follow the directions after that. Now you are all set up to use the Wellness Center at Trident Tech’s Main Campus. The hours of operation vary per semester, but can be found on the TTC portal under The InterTech Group Wellness Center link.
       The Wellness Center was built to allow TTC to offer the Fitness Specialist Certification Program. In addition to the Fitness Specialist program, Physical Education Courses such as Weightlifting, Beginners Aerobics, and Aerobic Dance are offered for one credit hour. More Physical Education Courses are offered each semester and have no prerequisites. Walters is considering adding classes such as Yoga and Kick Boxing for the summer of 2014. For more information about the Fitness Specialist Certification Program or the Physical Education Courses, contact Suzie Walters or Riley Phelps.


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