Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Around with Public Transit

by Zaneta Kennedy
      With gas prices on the rise, everyone is looking for more cost effective ways to get around. One reasonable method of transportation is the public bus system in the Lowcountry area. The CARTA bus system has an agreement with TTC and offers a six-month bus pass for all TTC students for the Regular CARTA lines for $59.50. (Note: this does not include the CARTA Express lines.) The bus passes are available for purchase at the Main Campus and Palmer Campus Book Stores.
In my personal opinion, public transport is a cost effective way to get around. Having lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, public transportation alleviates the headache of traffic and parking fees. As a young college student, a bus pass was helpful not only for my budget, but for my freedom as a young adult as well.
Don’t just take my word for it. Ella Butler is alumni of TTC and uses public transportation for her daily commute from Moncks Corner to Downtown Charleston.
When asked about the level of convenience of taking the CARTA buses as supposed to driving, Butler says, “For me, personally, it is much more convenient to take public transportation to school than to drive there myself. I save a bunch of gas money and I don't have to deal with the stress caused by driving the interstate every day. Riding the bus is very calming and I consider it my ‘me time’ in the morning to listen to music and to relax.  As far as timing goes, the bus is very dependable. I never need to worry about arriving for my class late.”
      Butler also says that she would recommend that Trident Tech students take the bus, “not only to school, but whenever possible. Honestly, once you get past the negative ‘public transportation’ prejudice you might have, taking the bus becomes a luxury.”
Ella Butler graduated from TTC in spring of 2013 with an Associates of Arts degree and currently attends College of Charleston. She is a double-major of History and Archeology and minors in Studio Art.


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