Friday, December 6, 2013

New Soul Food in Charleston: Edible Soul To Go

by Candice Bizzell

New restaurants pop up all over Charleston every month, but recently I discovered a new Soul Food restaurant that had me smiling from ear to ear. Edible Soul To Go at 3910-A Rivers Ave, across from Bernie’s Tires, opened their doors a few months ago and owners Brent Luken and Roc Reed are starting their business off with a boat load of soul.
The two met at a sports bar when Luken brought his homemade seafood Mac and Cheese for pot luck. Reed tasted the seafood Mac and Cheese and started to inquire about who made it. When he found out that Luken was the creator of the amazing Mac and Cheese they sat down and over a couple of beers started talking business. Although they have only been open for a few months, they have been catering parties, weddings and events for some time now.
Edible Soul offers its customers food from their soul. Both of them cook alongside Mr. James, “the older soul in the restaurant and the best chef,” Luken and Reed say.
The two try to use fresh food from local vendors such as Berry Whole Sale and Limehouse. Once they get a better idea of their needs, they will search out more vendors to use for fresh seafood and other items.

Open Monday thru Friday, Luken and Reed serve breakfast and lunch to those on the go. You can certainly dine in, but they only have four chairs at a bar looking over the parking lot. One can still enjoy the dine-in experience either by participating in the interesting conversations going on in the kitchen or by people watching across the street at Bernie’s Tires. However, the concept of this restaurant is come in, order your shrimp and grits, and head back to the office.
It’s a great idea for construction workers, college students and people that just like to eat at the office or at home. TTC students get 10% off their meal when they show their student ID, and get a free hotdog (while supplies last).  Their daily specials and menu are posted on the Facebook page
Both Luken and Reed have charming personalities, and their delicious food will have you coming back for more. Next time you’re trying to plan a party, consider them, because as Luken says, “A soulful experience brings everyone together.”


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