Thursday, December 12, 2013

TTC’s Third Annual Talent Show

by: Reilly Chapman
      On November 22, Trident held their third annual talent show in the 410 building at 6:30 pm.  It was a free event for students/ family/friends. The International Club had a food sale consisting of international foods and desserts, where all the proceeds went to the victims of the typhoons in the Philippines.  They raised over 200.00.  The Student Nurses Association also provided a bake sale for the talent show.  There were twelve contestants, all having incredible talents.  The talent was decided by the three judges, John Wilson (Radio, TV and Film Production), Jennifer Pinckney (Student Employment Services) and Evan Reich (Registrar’s Office).  They did not have an easy job Friday night.
The first contestant, Angelita Burgohy, sang an a cappella version of “Put Your Records On,” which singing a cappella really showed off her strong voice.

Mary Pendergast sang “Turning Tables” and really brought the drama to the stage, winning third place and $100.00.

Trenton Hamilton performed an original hip hop routine.

Donny Brewer and Eric Johnson, performed “Angel’s Son” dedicated to Donny’s Grandfather that recently passed. It was such a beautiful performance.

Terrance Reed won second place and $200.00 with his rendition of Edwin McCain’s, “I’ll Be.”

The crowd favorite, Claire Lane, sang a song from the 30s, “If I Could Be with You,” accompanied by Mark Finkbeiner on guitar.

Daniel Green and Tiffanie Wallace performed a hip hop and pop lock routine that won them first place and a $300.00 cash prize.

Angel Pope sang and played the saxophone, ending her performance by throwing rose petals at the judges.

Kamika Mattis and Jake Bell performed “City Lights” for the crowd.

Lerraine Haak recited an original poem, “True Visual,” which she delivered by memory.

Lamont Pelzer and Hezekiah Raysor III rapped “Quaking So Hard,” which had two little boys going crazy.

DaGleisha McArthur sang “We Haven’t Finished Yet” to conclude the night.



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