Thursday, September 11, 2014


Written By: Levena Lindahl
Photos By: Levena Lindahl

Rumple, Once (TV Show)

Ned Stark, Game of Thrones
(Book and TV)
     ATLANTA, Ga. - The end of August heralds not only the start of fall, but the arrival of tens of thousands of sci-fi, gaming and anime fans into the heart of Atlanta.  Hordes of people swarm between the hotels that host the legendary convention, most in cosplay as an homage to their favorite characters.  It’s not uncommon to see wookies, Master Chiefs, Deadpools of all kinds, groups of Spartans and various costumed school girls all talking and laughing together.  Dragon con is a massive event staffed by an army of volunteers that ensure that all the con goers have an exciting and safe weekend.  Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure everyone who attends Dragon con has fun.  
Ladies of Louis XVI's court
     Costumes and cosplay are both amazingly fun, not only to wear but to see on other people.  There will be anything from very simple pins to huge dragons or Space Marines.  Here is where the universal ‘Look, Don’t Touch’ really comes in to play.  Never EVER touch a cosplayer without their consent, no matter what they are wearing.  Always ask if photos are okay, never assume.  People work hard on their outfits, be respectful and courteous to fellow con goers.  It’s not uncommon to come up with ideas for cosplays for the next year based on what is seen at the current con.  The only limit to a costume is imagination.  Bear in mind that there are often families with younger children at the con, so be appropriate for young eyes until after ten please.  

Welcome to Night Vale goup shot
     August in Atlanta is hot.  August in Atlanta in massive crowds while wearing costumes is a recipe for heat stroke.  It is incredibly important to drink water all day, especially if alcohol is on the menu for the evening hours.  There were multiple cases of ambulances being called to the hotels to help people who fainted due to heat and dehydration this year.  Bring an umbrella if you plan on going to popular panels, as lines outside and around buildings are not uncommon.  Waiting and walking are part of the con experience! 

Wookie and Sith,
Star Wars
    Lines are a big part of any convention.  Be prepared to come up to an hour early to really popular panels and even then there is the chance there will be a line.  A panel on world building featuring authors like Jim Butcher was packed a full two hours before the event started, prompting the start of a wait line. Don’t be discouraged, as there are dozens of panels and multiple times that the most popular ones are held.  A typical con goer will only ever see about a fifth of a convention on average.
Princess Batman,
via internet meme
     Having a good time is always the goal of any con goer, but it is important to be aware as to what one will encounter.  If crowds and the thought of packed to a stand-still skyways are upsetting or alarming to a person, try a smaller event like Momo con or AWA first to ease into the idea of having absolutely no personal space.  With large crowds also comes what is affectionately called the ‘con crud’; a persistent sniffle or cough due to close quarters with so many people.  Drink juice, get plenty of sleep, make sure to pack hand sanitizer and have fun!


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