Thursday, July 23, 2015

Travel Safety Tips!

By: Levena Lindahl
Summer has always meant travel to me, and usually by car.  There is nothing like the open road and some good music as you head to wherever it is that you are going.  With that being said, here are some safety tips to get you safely to where you are going!

Plan Your Trip

I know, with Google maps on your phone it is very hard to get lost anymore, but having a plan is important.  Estimate your time of travel, and plan your route before you head out.  You should also let someone know the details of your trip; this way if anything does happen, a dead battery, dead phone etc., people know where to start looking for you.  (Also, it’s summer, plan for road construction. Where I am from we used to joke that there were two seasons, winter and road construction.)

Inspect Your Car
If you are planning a really long trip and your car is usually just getting you back and forth from class and work, you should get it checked out before you depart.  There is nothing like having a major mechanical issue pop up when you are 500 miles from home, especially when it could have been prevented.  It is also a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car at all times, not just for trips.  Most of these have roadside flares, jumper cables, a flashlight or glow-sticks, and water.  You can find lists to make your own online, or AAA makes a really nice kit.

Car Safety
Cars are a ton or more of moving metal and glass, and you are a comparatively fragile human being.  PLEASE buckle up every time you are in a car, and make sure your passengers do too.  DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.  Texting or even talking and driving is distracted driving, and that is so very dangerous for everyone.  If you can, split the driving up with a friend; tired driving is equally dangerous.  Try not to eat or drink while you are driving either.  And also, try not to fall victim to road rage.  I get it, everyone has said or thought that other  people drive like idiots, but try to keep a calm, level head on the road.

When you are traveling, your car becomes a kind of home away from home, carrying you and your things to your destination.  Make sure you aren’t over packing, and make sure you have a clear view out of all of your windows.  Much like not leaving your bag or shopping in plain view in your vehicle, try not to have your suitcases out.  If possible, put them in the trunk and keep them covered to keep them out of the eyes of possible thieves.  If you are bringing a pet, make sure to use approved safety securing methods to keep them safe and from being a distraction.  Never ever leave pets unattended in a car, as the temperature can and does skyrocket which can cause serious harm to them.

These are just a few basic tips to help you have a safe journey; there are tons more online if you are interested.  Remember, have fun, but be safe on the road!  (And send me post cards, I love seeing where people go!)


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