Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meet the Elect

Article: TTC, Ambassadors 2015 - 2016
By: Jennifer Harris
The following students have been appointed Trident Technical College Ambassadors for the Academic year 2015 – 2016.

Sarah Hassell, Reyna Mamani, Grant Delgado, Shelley Groves, Thomas Martin, Kaitlyn Dempsey, Andrew Czeresko, Rhonda Cox and Darrell Sims.
We applaud you!
And, we also thank you for caring about Trident Technical College. We are a multi-national college that strives to be who you need us to be, by encouraging you to become what you can become; the best. And, it does start with you. The duties of an Ambassador are never easy. It involves the commitment to do tours on campus with high school seniors, recruiter assistants, ushers at ceremonies, attending to various departments, such as Marketing. Yet, most importantly, ‘A night in the Valley’. This is an important event hosted by the Foundation members for all of the friends and colleagues of the school. It’s usually held in January of every year; it’s a great networking opportunity for the Ambassadors to show off their skills to the crème de la crème of Charleston.

All of the Elect are given official ID’s, Trident polo shirts with jackets and an Ambassador portal page. The college also pays for one of their classes per semester .

Congratulations Ambassadors of Trident Technical College, Academic Year 2015 – 2016!


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