Friday, September 18, 2015

School Shopping: A Survival Guide

By: Levena Lindahl

            When people mention any kind of school shopping, I shudder to think of everything I still need to do, mostly because I am a bit of a procrastinator.  I am not a fan of crowds, but I also really dislike being unprepared so it is a vicious cycle.   However, there is hope!  This year I made a list, which I shall share with you, of things that you will likely need over the course of the school year, or the semester.  I also included some items that I have found handy that you might not have considered.  These are some basics, along with stuff for apartments and the like.  I strongly recommend checking out your ‘must have’ lists as well as this before you start packing!  And now, for your reading pleasure, I present to you Levena’s List of Getting Things Done.

School Supplies!

1. Scissors- always handy for treads or fixing paper issues

2. Binder clips or paper clips- hold your papers together

3. Tape- fix minor tears

4. Pushpins- attach things to your cork board or wall if allowed

5. Corkboard/whiteboard and markers

6. Stapler and staples- don’t rely on the library’s; it is often broken. 

7. Sharpies, highlighters, and writing utensils- be able to write your thoughts!

8. Post-it notes and flags- find that one paragraph you wanted to cite quickly and easily!

9. Binders- durable way to hold your papers together

10. Folders- you might need one to turn in papers, so it’s a good idea to have a few

11. Notebooks and loose leaf paper- please take notes in class

12. White out/ correction tape- for when you mess up in your class notes

13. Rubber bands- holds your writing utensils and note cards together and good for getting your roommates attention. (Not that I ever did that.  There were no rubber band wars.)

14. Index cards- great for studying, and if you color code the edges it’s easier to put them back together when you inevitably knock them all over the floor.

15. Hole puncher- good for handouts

16. Resume paper and envelopes- hey, this is super useful if you are job or internship hunting during your semester.  This says you are a young professional and it looks good.

17. Day planner- stay organized and on top of your classes and social life!

18. Desk shelf- Well, that’s what I call it; it adds another level to my desk, and on one   side it has five slots where I can put various folders.  It’s a really useful organizing device!

  Assorted other things!

     1. Surge protector- protects your electronics!
2. Alarm clock- Don’t rely on your phone! Most of these have a battery backup which is important in power outages.
3. Lamps- Most dorms are sadly lacking in the light department.  This will let you get the light you need, where you need it.
4. Backpack- are you carrying your laptop?  Get a good backpack as it will get heavy fast walking across campus, especially with books added in!  I love my Swiss Gear back; it has lasted me for years.
5. Cube organizers- these are great for holding books and papers throughout the semester.
6. Hangers-These are so important.  You don’t have much drawer space, so make the most of your closet.
7. Cleaning supplies- Again, so important.  Clorox wipes and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are lifesavers. 
8. Wall calendar- Helps you to be organized and on top of things.  (Works really well in addition to your day planner)
9. Umbrella- Stay dry!  Avoid getting sick!
10. First Aid kit- For all of those minor injuries like scrapes and paper cuts. There are a lot of tips online on how to build your own.
11. Sewing kit- It’s really handy to be able to fix a missing button or a small tear.  These are great.
12. Clean removable hangers or blue tack- to hang things around your area. 
13. Candle warmer- most dorms won’t let you light candles as they are a fire hazard.  This lets you enjoy your candle fire free which lets your candle last longer.  You can also use these to keep your ceramic cup of coffee or tea warm, who knew?

And that is that.  I know I didn’t cover bedding or clothes and laundry things, but it is difficult to say what people need there.  This is why I again recommend that you check your list of items to double check what you might need.  I hope this list makes your school shopping a bit easier, and that I gave you some ideas that you might not have remembered otherwise.  Have a great semester!


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