Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Skin, is

By: Shanice Green

My skin, is
too dark to be seen, but not too dark- not to be missed
only considered a good thing when-
it is doing a “good thing” like-
going to school or driving the speed limit-
to a job I have held longer than the last six months

My skin, my skin, is a sore thumb-
sticks out on paper from the Jessicas-
the Carys-
the Wendys-
long before I step into the room
their eyeballs etching confusion deep into my skin

My skin- my skin
like, are you in the right place?
did you make the right turn?
the Cosmetology Department is at the other campus.
 My skin- my skin- my skin- my skin-
is what separates me from you
it is the reason I avoid certain streets- subconsciously-
praying to my God that the cop car following behind me-
for the last seven blocks-
is a man or woman who shares, my skin
My skin, my skin, is ugly!
or at least that is what I would think when my mother would try to buy me-
a black Barbie-
that was supposed to be-
the same as the white one-
except with fewer accessories-
most of which-
was “sold separately” – which meant
that she would have to spend twice as much money to equal what the white doll had-
for the low, low price of $19.95
but the sign on the shelf read – “Rollback Special”
so in essence, it would have cost $10 more?
too much math- she’d just settle and buy  me the white one

 My skin- my skin- my skin
is confused!
all of these white celebrities in the news
The Angelina Jolies
The Kim Kardashians, and her sister-
and her sister’s sister-
and her sister’s
sister’s sister-
and her sister’s
sister’s sister-
and their mother-
and their father-
all paying good money to be “bronzed” or “blackenized”-
as people of my skin would put it-
adopting and birthing black babies is probably the trendiest way of saying-
I am not a racist
My skin- my skin-
my skin, my skin- my skin-
is tired.


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