Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Press Button: Receive Food

By: Dallas Jones

What a time to be alive! No longer will you need to fret about your cram session for the weekend and having to stop to worry about silly things like ordering food. At long last it’s finally happened—with a single button press you could have a hot, steaming fresh pizza delivered to your door. Or Chinese food. Or, well, whatever it is you choose, really!

If you haven’t heard of it Amazon has a product called the Dash Button. As advertised on their website:

Never run out of your favorite products with Amazon Dash Button—exclusively for Prime members. Simply press Dash Button and relax while Amazon reorders and delivers your favorite items.

All of this for a mere five dollars: as if the convenience of being sprawled on your couch in sweats and still able to shop to your leisure wasn’t enough.

Granted, to get your pizza delivered you’re going to have to do a little bit of work. You have to “hack” the button in order to sync it to the service you’re trying to get it to provide. I also highly doubt that you would be able to easily change your order between each transaction, but hey, if all you’re eating is pepperoni pizza day in and day out, who cares?

While the process may not be that simple right now, the time is certainly coming that it will be. Everyday people around the globe are creating new pieces of technology, and for every new piece of technology created there’s someone just waiting to give it secondary use. Don’t just enjoy it, but be a part of it. Maybe you’ll be the one who really gets the system put in place. In the meantime, I think I’m craving some pizza…


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