Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Card Games for Everyone

By Levena Lindahl

Have you ever wondered what all of those card game are that people are playing at the tables in the 410 building?  Here is a quick introduction to a few of the games you might be seeing!

As the biggest card game around, Magic the Gathering is likely one of the games you will see being played.  Created in 1993, the collectible trading card game is still going strong, with new expansions and sets coming out on a regular basis.  The set out now is dealing with the monstrous Eldrazi, colorless creatures bent on destruction.   The cards have six colors, colorless/artifact, red, blue, black, green, and white, and each color has a different play style.  Blue is control, red is burn, green is all about big monsters, white is protection and life gain, and black is death touch. The basic card types are creatures, land, instants and sorceries.  It’s really interesting to see how the cards interact and how you can build a deck that fits your unique play style.  Local game stores host Friday Night Magic if this seems like a game you would be interested in.  There are also big tournaments that are held for top players, where there are pretty impressive prizes!


A newer card game that has come out is Force of Will.  This game is also done on a color system like magic but instead of just colors, each color represents a type, like light or darkness and the like, but the characters in this game are based around historical, fantasy, and mythological figures as they battle for supremacy at the summons of Gods and Demons.  Here the basic card types are rulers, J-rulers, resonators, spells, addition, and magic stones.  Each type has interactions with the others, and makes for a quick playing style.  While new, this game is becoming very popular!

Card games have always been popular as a way to get together and have fun.  These are just two of many kinds and styles of card games; if these seem interesting, I recommend checking them and others out!





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