Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fifty Shades of Crazy

By: Mary Kiser

I've written about presidential candidate Donald J. Trump before, half-heartedly joking that I'd love for him to be the GOP nominee, so I could drink beer and watch what I think is more of a reality TV circus than pressing political debates. But now that he's still in the race, with a whopping 736 delegates won, he is the front-runner for the nomination. And that's such a scary fact because facts don't lie, and that fact is the truth. The truth that Trump could secure the nomination; the truth that he could debate with either Clinton or Sanders; the truth that he could become the next POTUS, no matter how big or small his chances are against the Democrat nominee.

But, and that's a big "but," hence the italics, he has to start making some sense. Yes, I said it. He has to start using coherence and strong ideals mashed with fact. Otherwise, the only people that would vote for him would be his family, the affluent, and a portion of the easily influenced.

There are so many examples I could write about concerning Trump and his antics to aid my bully pulpit, but I'll refer to his comments on abortion, since those are his most recent spectacle. Later retracted, he believes that women should be punished if they choose to abort versus adoption or raising the child. Because of this outlandish comment, critics went wild with even more ammo to fire at Trump. So, he then said that the doctor should be punished and not the woman.

Now, both Cruz and Kasich say women shouldn't be punished, but their policies portray a different story. Cruz favored the shut down of the federal government in order to "block Planned Parenthood Funding," which hurts women who want basic healthcare for themselves and their sex lives. Kasich, on the other hand, has signed seventeen anti-abortion tactics into law since 2011.

So, these are your three. Donald J. Trump might be a little more bold and brash about his political stance, but he truly does reflect what the GOP wants for America. And if this isn't what you want for our country, then go out and vote. It's so crucial and vital, especially now when racism, sexism, and xenophobia have skyrocketed at an all-time high within the Republican Party.


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