Friday, October 14, 2016

Keith Lamont Scott

By: Mary Kiser
 His life, now a grave, at the arms of an officer.
Hinterland Gazette
Rakeyia Scott is not some random witness to a black man shot. She is the wife behind the lens, and the witness to her husband's death. Racial tension lurks in between the crevices of everyday life, and police brutality is a pressing concern throughout the United States. This article is not a rant about guns, the NRA, or even the men and women in blue. This article is about a father and a husband who should be at home with his family. Instead, his body resides in a morgue.

"Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him!"
 You can hear the pleas in Mrs. Scott's voice. She can feel the energy, and she can sense the ineluctable. She knows that her husband is in danger. She knows that her love faces an unjustifiable death penalty. Credible evidence is viewable evidence, and Mrs. Scott records for the jury that is the American public. From my perspective, I did not see Scott in arms. Instead, I see Scott on the ground as an invasion of officers swarm his corpse.
Skin color should not determine whether someone lives or dies. Scott should still be alive. He should still have breath in his lungs and movement through his veins. His children should still have their daddy. His wife should still have her best friend. Barrels of lead are bullets for the dangerous, but some people do not carry the moral capacity of the badge. The African American community has to overcome yet again the incapable and/or racist men and women who wear the uniform but not the valor.
Humans are not gods. We do not decide who dies and who flies. This will always be a problem if accountability is never at court. Policemen are here to protect America. They are here to serve justice, not violate it. The Scott family deserves equity, and I know that most of America would vote in agreement. Black lives deserve an answer for this 21st century blunder. Unfortunately, these cops cannot testify with a reasonable one.
If anyone would like to view the video, or read more about this shooting, please visit the source below.
"Police Say Video Shows Keith Lamont Scott Had Gun in Hand" by Winsor:


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