Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Kickin' Chicken: A Review

From the Kickin Chicken Facebook page
By Brett Fields

The big game is this Sunday, and you have nowhere to watch it. Look no further than your local Kickin' Chicken. A restaurant with a sports bar feel and over twenty-four wing sauces is just the place to watch a big game. Wings, chicken sandwiches, burgers, and wraps headline the reasonably-priced menu. Bobby Fries, one of the restaurant's specialties, are a personal favorite of mine: French fries draped in cheddar cheese, ranch sauce, and bacon bits. The restaurant is somewhat local with six locations in South Carolina and the seventh in North Carolina. 

The service is consistently fine: the drinks always stay full, and the orders come out in a timely fashion. Waiters and waitresses are always kind and will do anything for you within reason. Even on the restaurant's busiest nights, UFC fight nights, the staff will get you seated and served as fast as possible. 

As usual, there is a flip-side to the restaurant's pleasantries. Parking is rather limited at most of the locations, so on a busy night you might have to park somewhere nearby and take a little walk. You really cannot escape sports on the weekends at KC. There is always a college basketball game, tennis match, football game, or soccer game on, so if you are looking for just the great food, carryout is your best bet. Finally, healthy food is hard to come by, as a wrap or a meat-filled salad is your only option. Find another chicken joint if you are in the weight watcher program.

Those are small inconveniences to endure for such an astonishingly positive dining experience. If you are in the mood for some good service, good fun, and even better food, check out one of the local Kickin' Chicken restaurants!


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