Friday, November 4, 2016

American Horror Story

If you really want a thrill, watch this series.
By: Mary Kiser
 Season 2: Asylum
I'm not easily scared. Movies like Carrie or Let the Right One In are disturbing and bizarre at best. Because this world brims with nightmarish realities like robbery, violence, rape and murder, viewers are numb to the idea of pig blood and vampires. Teenagers judge their classmates, but they do not douse their rivals with a bucket of red, and vampires belong between the pages of seamy romance novels. The hit television series American Horror Story redefines the entire genre of horror, and the contemporary scenes of panic, fear and dread resonate with its audience. Even though some seasons toy with fiction, the presentation of raw emotion hypnotizes anyone with eyes. Halloween is not complete without costumes and candy, but don't forget to watch Season 6 in between the tricks and treats.

The latest season is just as brilliant as the others. However, my favorite season is the second. Asylum is a mental institution for all degrees of insanity. Anything from chronic masturbation to murder are human sins that require repentance. The beautiful and gifted Jessica Lange stars as Sister Jude Martin, a nasty nun with an ill temperament and gnawing secret. She oversees the psychiatric hospital, Briarcliff, with Bibles and belts. An innocent husband, lesbian journalist and murderer invoke disruption. With selfish staff, a sinister scientist, killers and demonic forces, this season explodes dynamite. American Horror Story designs Halloween with more than just pumpkins and plastic decorations. October 31st finally has scare.


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