Friday, November 18, 2016

Janet Jackson is Unbreakable!

By: Stylicia Bowden

At the vibrant age of 50 Janet Jackson is still letting us know who is in control. She is an iconic legend who produces music that creates change, breaks barriers and manifests hit after hit.  In 1986 she made her musical debut with her first album Control. She created other hits such as Rhythm Nation (1989), Janet (1993), Design of a Decade (1995) and The Velvet Rope (1997).

Her musical journey has presented her with multiple nominations and awards. However, in the past seven years Janet Jackson disappeared from the music scene after the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. In her absence the evolution of music changed drastically, but in 2015 rumors began to surface about her return to music.  

Fans around the globe finally got a personal confirmation from the pop icon about a new album. Unbreakable is her most recent CD that was released in October 2015. The album has a powerful message in her journey of healing, finding peace and getting back to making music that matters.

Unbreakable is a collection of music that reminds me of the Janet Jackson I first fell in love with in the 80’s. Songs such as No Sleeep remind of her 1993 hit That’s The Way Love Goes. Other songs on her album include The Great Forever, Broken Hearts Heal, Take Me Away, Lessons Learned, Dream Maker and Burn It Up!

Her album Unbreakable revealed a more refined, wise, mature and peaceful Janet Jackson. Janet’s album debuted as the number one album on Billboard in October 2015.  I enjoyed the album from beginning to end. Although, she has postponed her tour due to her pregnancy, Janet Jackson continues to remind us that she is unbreakable!




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