Monday, November 21, 2016

Student Organization Fair

By: Andrea Davis

      It is easy to fall victim to a repetitive college routine of stressing about final exams and beating research paper deadlines. College life is more about being involved in your community and making the world around you better. You don’t have to look far to make that impact. Just join a club!
     On Tuesday, November 1st at the main campus in front of the Library (Building 510), representatives from Phi Theta Kappa, International Club, Early Childhood Development, Champions for Change, AITP (Association for Information Technology Professionals), and Student Activities gathered to spread the word about some of the many organizations for students to join at TTC.

      If you’re looking to join a worldwide network of scholastic minds that also place great emphasis on community service, Phi Theta Kappa is where you want to be. Phi Theta Kappa boasts over 1500 chapters in the world, and TTC has the honor of being awarded 5th out of them all! Joining this organization requires you to fill out an application, have a GPA of 3.5, and at least 12 credit hours in your degree program. Acceptance into the honor society grants you access to $87 million in scholarships, travel opportunities, leadership opportunities, and much more. Aside from being one of the best chapters in the world, Phi Theta Kappa is actively helping our students, faculty and staff members of TTC with a food bank. According to Treasurer Lin Ash, in order to utilize the food bank the only requirements are your name, position, and family size. There are no income checks. It is open on Thursday from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM and Friday from Noon – 2:00 PM in building 100 room 140. If you’d like to contribute donations to the food bank, they are accepted at drop off locations at the food bank directly, buildings 200, 300, 410, 510, 900, 920, and 970 on the main campus. If high academic achievement and community service are something that interest you, talk to a representative from Phi Theta Kappa today!
Are you tech savvy? Do you feel like you understand computers a little better than people? If you have an interest in engineering and technology, joining AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals) is the right move for you. President of the organization, Rick Smith, is focused on building membership and getting ready for great events to come in 2017. Last year AITP hosted a networking class for 6th graders – 8th graders, which was not only a useful skill for them to learn, but a fun one. Joining AITP gives you access to career opportunities in your field, exclusive scholarships, and lifelong relationships built with other technology professionals. Make sure to keep an eye out for more details about upcoming meetings that will take place during the spring 2017 activity period.
For those really looking to make a difference in the world around you, become a Champion for Change. This student organization at TTC is one of the most active on campus. President of Champions for Change, Victor Moscoso, expressed that “everyone has empathy for those in need. It is in everyone to make an impact,” which is why the organization welcomes everyone to join – no GPA requirements or specific program enrollments necessary. All you need is the heart and desire to help others. Last October the organization assisted with the Special Olympics and are currently organizing a Veterans Awareness Program taking place November 15th at the main campus student center. If you have a passion for helping others, attend an upcoming meeting and get involved with Champions for Change.
In speaking to first semester student Jennifer L. Simmons, an attendant of the student organization fair, she expressed one very important reason for her being there. She stated, “I believe there is more to school than going to class. Networking could be the difference between starting a great career or not.” So, what are you waiting for? Connect with a club today and add some excitement to your college experience.


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