Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Statement That Has Nothing to Do With Fashion: France and the Burkini

By: Mary Kiser

I always thought France was more socially advanced than the U.S. During the 60's, Women would go topless to support newfound liberation, and that movement became a fashion trend that only started to decline in 2009. Even though America has nude beaches, France did it first.
A few days ago, France was again the topic of every news station. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of their innovation and determination as a nation tenacious. A picture on MSNBC displayed three police officers forcing a woman to shed her burkini. The image is a much different canvas than the one portrayed in the 20th century. This photo sent cold shivers down my back, and my mind flashed to a much different time in a not-so-different country: the 60’s. Racism, police brutality, and another type of movement were the children of hardship that protested America’s change for an equal nation.

Photo Credit: Vantage News/CNN

Photo Credit: Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Burkini bathing suits are the opposite fashion wear of bikini-buyers. The suit literally covers a woman's entire body, and it's to protect their modesty derived from Islam. This shouldn't be a problem, but because of several ISIS attacks, concocted by radical Muslims, France is now governing out of fear. It's understandable, but that doesn’t make it credible.

America has done this too, and because of her fear, she decided to create internment camps for Japanese-Americans, bred and nurtured racism and sexism, and let George W. Bush lead American soldiers to die in pointless wars. The U.S. learned from those mistakes, and those three did create positive change, but upward mobility doesn’t always have to be at the graves of human lives.

Hopefully, France won’t have to suffer inevitable consequences like the U.S. Maybe positive change, too, can come from unnecessary, targeted persecution. However, there’s a reason why FDR believed that fear was the only fear, because if it does drive the bus, then all passengers are at high risk for injury or death. Franklin would know; The Great Depression took thousands of lives, starved women and children, and devoured American wealth. If anybody had advice on how to deal with the perils of fear, he did.


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